Solutel, telecommunications company and technology integrator, celebrates its 25th anniversary

Solutel, a telecommunications company and technology integrator, celebrates its 25th anniversary this June.

Beginnings Solutel 1997

In June 1997 Solutel began its journey. To this day, growth has made them remain stronger than ever and achieve many of the goals they had set for themselves. It began its activity taking small steps, first very focused on the disruptive projects of the end of the 20th century, such as the creation of Internet Provider Centers (ISP) that in turn offered connectivity and web pages. The interconnection of delegations for companies and organizations played a predominant role, with ISDN (ISDN) and Frame Relay (FR / PaP) lines being the basis for applying our services to clients. Security was another important factor in deploying services around firewalls and information protection elements in the company. Being able to use the operating language of Routers (IOS) and Firewalls (Checkpoint and PIX) allowed them to help customers who were already beginning to have many visitors.

Solutel in 2022

Today, the needs of a changing world linked to digital, innovation and immediacy mean that companies have to be dynamic and adaptable to the changes that are to come. On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Solutel has adapted all its products and services to these new strategic values. It has a much broader portfolio of services, it has extended its services to distribution, integration and support in three fundamental pillars networks , collaboration and cybersecurity with solutions on premise or in the cloud, with 24x7 IT support, proactive monitoring, new manufacturers, operator services, sensors and everything focused on our customers. The celebration of Solutel's 25th anniversary will take place on June 10 in Valencia with a series of activities that the company has prepared for all attendees and that have made Solutel what it is today. People who have left their mark on this project as clients, suppliers, collaborators and of course employees, who with their contribution have always contributed with true professionalism and effort to making Solutel a leading company in its market.

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