New Webex Room Bar Collaboration Kit

Webex Room Bar powers your best video conferences, in a bar. It's a compact yet powerful video collaboration device that brings amazing video conferencing, unlimited flexibility, and inclusive meeting experiences to your meeting spaces. Experience ultra-high-quality video conferencing on any meeting service, including Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. With the freedom to join any meeting , optimized camera views, crystal-clear stereo sound, extensible audio pickup, dual-display support, and seamless USB-C pass-through, Room Bar is designed to transform your workplace for hybrid work. . Video-enable your rooms with a collaboration kit that's easy to deploy, beautiful to use, and more affordable to maintain, creating a smart, connected workplace. The new Webex Room Bar kit automatically wakes up when you walk into the room, and you can join your meeting in seconds with a tap or simple voice command. Use AI-powered facial recognition to identify meeting participants. Ultrasound technology provides real-time metrics for workspace optimization and office wellness.

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Webex Room Bar features:

  • Full HD meetings optimized for small to medium meeting rooms and workspaces
  • Can be combined with up to two displays to combine Full HD video and share 4K content
  • Integrated codec-powered video collaboration bar with 12 MP camera, noise-canceling microphone array, and stereo speakers. Audio pickup can be expanded with an external microphone to fit your medium-sized meeting spaces.
  • USB-C passthrough: Connect your laptop to webex Room Bar via USB-C to use the camera, microphones, and instantly share 4K content and video conferences on the platform of your choice.
  • 4K Content Sharing: Take your presentations to the next level with 4K content sharing.
  • Provides optimized views using camera intelligence: ◦ 120-degree horizontal field of view—Allows everyone in the room to remain visible, even when capturing people a short distance away in small, small rooms.◦ Better overview—Automatically detects meeting participants and provides a frame ideal group setting for the best view.◦ People Focus: When used with Webex, uses advanced camera intelligence to dynamically update the screen layout to ensure everyone is equally framed in the meeting.◦ Speaker Tracking: when enabled, uses a dedicated microphone array to detect and provide a prominent view for the active speaker
  • Room controls: Control your video conference, book the meeting room, manage room peripherals, and use third-party applications with an intuitive 10-inch touch panel.

Components of the Webex Room Bar Collaboration Kit:

  • Webex Room Bar Video Bar Unit
  • Power adapter
  • Network wire
  • HDMI cable
  • Mounting unit (for screen and wall)
  • Webex Room Browser Dashboard
  • ethernet cable
  • privacy cover

A smart workplace

Control with the Webex Room Navigator touch panel (wall mount or table stand) to access conferencing controls, room booking, room controls, and workplace applications. Metrics: Count people in the room through intelligent presence detection, enabling analytics for better resource planning. Control peripherals like lights and shades through Webex Room Navigator

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