Meraki MT14 indoor air quality sensor

Whether in living spaces, offices and workplaces as well as in public institutions, schools and nurseries, wherever people stay indoors for a long time, the principle for maintaining health is clean and pollution-free ambient air. Meraki MT14 air quality sensor.

To create smart and sustainable buildings, indoor air quality has become an essential indicator.

What does the Meraki MT14 Air Quality Sensor measure?

The Cisco Meraki MT14, part of the Meraki MT sensor portfolio, provides real-time indoor air quality monitoring to promote smart spaces and create safe environments. MT14 can detect the presence of chemicals, debris, extreme temperature, humidity, and noise. If air quality declines for any reason, MT can notify you immediately or automate the building's HVAC system to increase ventilation and keep people safe.

  • Temperature sensor range from 0°C to 55°C (32F° to 131F°). Data sampling every 2 minutes.
  • Humidity sensor range from 0% to 95% relative humidity. Data sampling every 2 minutes.
  • TVOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) sensor range up to 10,000 µg/m³. Data sampling every 90 seconds.
  • PM2.5 sensor range up to 1000 µg/m³ (respirable particulate matter present in the atmosphere, particles with an aerodynamic diameter less than or equal to 2.5 micrometers). Data sampling every 5 minutes.
  • Ambient noise sensor range from 20 to 120 dBA. Data sampling every 5 minutes.

Data report every 20 minutes or immediately after exceeding the security threshold.

Up to five days of data storage.

Analyze data your way with .csv, .xls, API, or MQTT export options

Cloud-based management eliminates the need for local servers.

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Never miss an event. Flexible alerts.

  • Stay informed with real-time alerts via email, SMS, push notification, or webhook.
  • Custom alert thresholds designed to sync with your schedule.
  • Get complete visibility by associating sensor events with MV camera images.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot on the go with the Meraki mobile app.



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