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Telepresence and International Colaboration.


Project Requirements

Complex international project with more than 15 locations

Logistical complexity in international shipments. International IT teams coordination

Cloud deployment solution. Multipoint solution

Integration with third-party solutions

DataCenter Security.


Project Requirements

GoldCar have a great online presence with a direct impact on their sales.

Need to guarantee the continuity of your business and the availability of your computer systems.

Redundancy of equipment and connections.

Network Infraestructure

Routing / Switching / JoT


Cisco / Meraki


Telefonía IP / Contact Center / Webex



Equipos / VaS Video


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Webex People Insights functionality

Webex People Insights functionality During the month of June, the new Cisco Webex People Insights functionality will be available. It helps to know the role of the people with whom you meet and therefore to be able to better place it in the context of the meeting. Your profile helps the people you collaborate with […]

Real-time translation in CISCO WEBEX meetings

Cisco Webex breaks language barriers with real-time translation functionality.   Does not speak English? Now with webex you can opt for real-time translation of the meeting conversation from English into one of over 100 different languages. Does not speak English? Now with webex you can opt for real-time translation of the meeting conversation from English […]

Cybersecurity. When a user uses insecure devices, he makes networks insecure

Cybersecurity When a user uses insecure devices, he makes networks insecure In terms of cybersecurity, what challenges do public administration and private companies face? During the last weeks, rare is the day in which we do not receive news of attacks on different public administrations or private companies. Services, data hijacking, payment of ransoms fall […]

Cisco Personal Remote Worker KIT. USB Camera + Headphones.

With the evolution of the work environment, in which hybrid work is required, at home and in the office, help create meaningful and productive meeting interactions with the Cisco Personal Remote Worker Kit. The bundle combines the best of Cisco audiovisual technology with the Cisco 730 Headset and the Cisco Webex Desktop USB Camera. Cisco […]

CCN-CERT document on Webex

CCN-CERT document on Webex The CCN-CERT is the Information Security Incident Response Capacity of the National Cryptological Center, CCN, attached to the National Intelligence Center, CNI. Its mission is to contribute to the improvement of Spanish cybersecurity. CCN publishes on webex: Use of Cisco Webex, its implications for security and privacy. Recommendations and good practices. […]

NSA: Webex Best-in-Class in Secure Collaboration Guidelines.

NSA: Webex Best-in-Class in Secure Collaboration Guidelines. Guidelines for a Safe, Secure, and Compliant Collaboration Ecosystem The National Security Agency (NSA) published a set of guidelines for “Selecting and Using Collaboration Services Safely for Telecommuting.” The guidelines that evaluated 17 collaboration service providers identified a dozen critical criteria for cybersecurity functionality and security assurance to […]

Complete your LMS with Webex Education Connector

    How to schedule virtual meetings in Moodle with the Webex Education Connector You can schedule a one-time or recurring meeting with students or other instructors.      How to define Hours of Attention – Tutorials You can plan and organize office hours with the Webex Education Connector. The dates and times are available […]

CISCO report on global trends in networks for 2021. Operations.

CISCO report on global trends in networks for 2021. Operations.  Business Resilience Special Edition: Check out the five trends driving agility and resilience in times of change. The report has been broken down into three blogs, in this last blog we will address the trends on operations, # 4 and # 5, operations. Trends: Workforce […]

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    Permite el rendimiento óptimo de su infraestructura de red, reduciendo al mínimo la repercusión en su negocio, de posibles problemas en su red de comunicaciones.

  • Integration

    Data Center Business Advantage es un marco arquitectónico para organizaciones dinámicas conectadas en red. El marco permite a las organizaciones crear servicios más rápidamente, mejorar la rentabilidad y reducir el riesgo al implementar nuevos modelos empresariales.

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    El objetivo de este servicio es cubrir necesidades de soporte técnico para Mantenimiento y Gestión de Garantía de su infraestuctura de red.


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