Five tips for safe, hybrid work in summer

With the onset of summer and the start of the workday, many employees perform their tasks from home or second homes. Remote workers should follow good cybersecurity practices to ensure peace of mind and a safe, hybrid summer working day.

Cybercriminals do not rest in the summer, but try to catch you off guard to break into your systems and steal money or sensitive information.

It is precisely in these environments where we must maintain some guidelines to ensure safety, here are our five tips to make your summer day hybrid and safe:

  1. Change passwords. You may have already heard several times that it is not advisable to always use the same password. Summer can be a good time to change them, taking advantage of the opportunity to use more solid ones, including upper and lower case letters, letters and numbers and special characters.
  2. It uses two-factor authentication (2FA), which involves logging into a user account using two steps instead of one. Two-step identification is a system to confirm that it is really you who is accessing an account. The two-step identification
    is used to prevent other people from accessing your account, even if they have somehow managed to find out the password you use.
  3. Keep the software of your devices up to date. An update is an addition or modification made to the operating systems or applications that we have installed on our devices, whose mission is to improve both functionality and security aspects.
  4. Beware of phishing, smishing and fraudulent calls. Be wary, we already know that nowadays, phishing emails or fraudulent SMS messages (smishing) can be convincing.
  5. Check the protection of your terminal . Laptops and cell phones are the most vulnerable terminals in companies. As malware becomes more evasive, traditional antivirus is insufficient to protect your endpoints.
    CISCO AMP for Endpoints
    prevents threats at the point of entry and, subsequently, at the endpoint, continuously tracks all files that your endpoints are allowed to access, such as mobile devices, laptops, desktops and many more. This enables it to detect the most advanced threats, including fileless malware and ransomware. Endpoint security helps you find threats quickly and check what has been compromised. Quickly stop the spread of threats and quickly correct them.


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