Meraki MT30 automation button

The Cisco Meraki MT30, part of the Meraki MT sensor portfolio, is an intelligent automation button designed to automate common tasks or trigger specific actions with the push of a button. MT30 comes with an automation build feature in the Meraki dashboard that makes it easy to create custom workflows to automate any task. Meraki MT30 is managed in the cloud and is simple to deploy and configure due to its integration with the Meraki dashboard and the use of BLE technology. The MT family eliminates the complex and costly setups required by traditional solutions, removing the location limitations of these sensors. Organizations are turning to digital technologies to streamline processes, create new customer experiences, and adapt to ever-evolving business challenges.

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Examples of Use Meraki MT30

Press the button on the Meraki MT30 to automate common tasks or trigger specific actions. With the click of a button, MT30 can:
  • Request Assistance: Alert staff members when a customer needs assistance.
  • Disable Wi-Fi: in a specific room at a specific time.
  • Replenish material on a manufacturing line.
  • Control office lighting to reduce energy consumption.
Meraki now offers customers even more ways to build smarter spaces and safer environments.

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