Many companies, for the simple reason of being able to save some money in the short term, choose to buy previously used or "as new" equipment from different manufacturers through unauthorized resellers, unaware of the risk they run by not contacting the official certified channel.

As is known in the IT industry, or in any other industry, a counterfeit device is a danger, so it is vitally important to ensure the authenticity of a product when purchasing any device to install in your network.

What risks is my network exposed to with this equipment?

Multiple companies have already been victims of one of these increasingly common technological frauds due to the purchase of products that did not have the manufacturer's authenticity. Through these counterfeits, affected customers run the risk of attack and their network being compromised, how? simply that the reseller, not authorized by the manufacturer's official certified channel, may have administrator access to the devices or even experience operational problems.
These are just some of the dangers that could arise from the purchase of devices through a supplier that is not certified or authorized by the manufacturer, which, once again, emphasizes the great importance of purchasing equipment through the official certified channel. By guaranteeing that the product is authentic, it is possible to completely avoid those possible security threats that could occur and which would have a serious impact on the affected company.

After repeated frauds, experts have come to the conclusion that this problem can only be avoided by purchasing such devices through the official channel suppliers certified by the manufacturer. They must also have the permission to sell original Cisco products, which we can assure you from Solutel.

What does Solutel bring as a certified partner?

Solutel guarantees the purchase of legitimate and quality Cisco products, which ensure the prevention of these dangerous scams that are increasingly difficult to detect. Thanks to this, companies can ensure that they can acquire good support services, receive replacements, warranties and upgrades, as well as valid software licenses.

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