Top 5 Tips for Navigating the SASE Process

SASE ( Secure Access Services at the Network Edge, "the edge") is an emerging architecture that provides secure and seamless connection to applications in any environment from anywhere, while streamlining network functions and IT security.

SASE Key Use Cases

secure remote worker

  • Give remote workers secure access to apps and data from anywhere.
  • Secure access to the Internet and applications in the cloud.
  • Authenticate users and ensure device status before establishing connection.
  • Deliver the best app and connectivity experience to all remote workers.

secure perimeter

  • Streamline connectivity with applications in offices.
  • Provision the SD-WAN fabric across thousands of users and locations.
  • Secure access to applications and direct access to the Internet.
  • Identify and resolve issues in ISP, SaaS, public and private applications.

Top 5 tips for navigating the SASE process:

  1. Enhance your WAN with cloud-scale architecture. SASE is about securely connecting any user to any application from anywhere. Deliver seamless, secure connections with integrated multi-cloud access, simplified management, and actionable IT insights, while giving users the digital experience they expect anytime, anywhere. Learn more about Cisco SD-WAN
  2. Streamline security in the cloud. Start at the DNS layer, or build on what you already have by adding more functionality with an open security platform and seamless integrations. Combine multiple security features into an easy-to-use, security-integrated, cloud-native service. Learn more about Cisco Umbrella
  3. Simplify secure network access with Zero Trust. Maintain identity controls across all branches and remote workers with a simplified Zero Trust approach. Ensure that only trusted users can access applications by enabling policy-based controls for every access attempt to your applications, regardless of where they are hosted. Learn more about Cisco Secure Access by Duo
  4. Choose platform simplicity over fragmentation . SASE is not a product, it is an architecture. As such, Gartner recommends using a single vendor for both network and security in your SASE process. Eliminate complexity, increase performance, and lower costs with a vendor that offers a platform approach—one with the breadth and depth of knowledge to solve challenges in any environment. Learn more about how Cisco can offer an integrated SASE network and security solution
  5. Discover SASE your way. Moving to SASE is accelerating your journey to the cloud. That journey is different for every organization and flexibility is needed to arrive at their own pace. Choose a provider that can meet you where you are today and cover you for where you are now and where you will be in the future.

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