CISCO price announcement as of January 30, 2022

CISCO price announcement as of January 30, 2022

Solutel wants to transmit the announcement of prices that CISCO has sent us and that will come into force on January 30, 2022:

“As we all know, the costs of certain components, as well as the related manufacturing and shipping costs, continue to increase throughout the ecosystem.
We have been doing everything possible to absorb those costs and protect them from those increases. But the environment continues to evolve and Cisco will increase our base pricing structure by an average of 10%, effective January 30, 2022.

Some products will be above or below that threshold, and others are completely exempt, like all SaaS products.

We do not make these decisions lightly and pride ourselves on being transparent, competitive, and most of all, customer-centric.

Now and always, we are here to help, serve, and make sure you get the right products to drive the right business results.

Thank you for your continued collaboration and trust. “

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