Meraki MV52 ultra-long-range telephoto bullet camera

Meraki MV52 ultra-long-range telephoto bullet camera

Meraki MV52 camera ideal for parking lot or perimeter monitoring, license plate capture or subject identification.

Meraki MV52 has been designed to provide precisely the high level of detail that physical security teams need. Meraki MV52 extends visibility to hard-to-see places, expanding the scope of your operations. Combining an ultra-long telephoto lens and 4K video resolution, the MV52 offers the enhanced details needed to monitor roads, capture license plates, protect perimeters, open areas, and create safe environments. Viewing and management is in the browser-based cloud. MV52 extends visibility and safety to challenging environments where distance and details matter. Smart cameras managed in the cloud.

Bullet cameras take their name from the design they feature bullet-shaped or outward. These outdoor video surveillance devices allow you to cover a fixed area without dispersing your vision. Bullet cameras are typically mounted on the wall, with their bullet design sticking out.

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Visibility anywhere you need it

With the ability to mount to walls, ceilings or poles, and a flexible 360 ​​degree swivel joint, MV52 allows you to get the angle you need, anywhere. If you need visibility in a difficult-to-connect area, the Meraki MV52 can be connected wirelessly and has a built-in 12V DC input to provide flexible power and connectivity options beyond normal ethernet range. It features 1TB of local storage with browser-based cloud management and viewing, and allows for over 170 days of 24×7 storage.

MV52 combines a 12 ° – 37 ° field of view with 4K video resolution. This enables a high level of detail, even in long-distance deployments such as parking lots or perimeter surveillance. It is also useful for situations that require the capture of license plates or the identification of the subject.

Safe, smart and protected

  • Granular access control:

Control who can see live and historical images

Limit access to video export

Grant access to individual cameras or by device tag

The video access log provides an audit of users’ video-related activities.

  • Cloud management:

Visibility and control across the network

Stream locally or remotely – the cloud automatically routes video streaming

Create and organize video walls

Export video clips to download or share via link

  • Advanced analytics:

Industry Leading Integrated Processor

Object detection powered by machine learning technology

No servers or software required

Compatible with MV Sense licenses

  • Rated for harsh environments:

Weather resistance IP67

Impact resistance IK10 +

  • Enterprise-grade security:

Automatic end-to-end video encryption

Automatic firmware updates and bug fixes

Encrypted and secure storage and control architecture

Secure boot and signed firmware backed by a hardware security chip

These features and many other Meraki benefits make IT solutions simple, powerful and intelligent, unified on a single platform, adapted to today’s work environment.


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