Webex Calling now includes recording for free

Webex Calling now includes recording for free

Webex Calling now includes recording for free

You may want to record calls made and received by certain users for various reasons, such as quality assurance, security, or training. Calls made and received on desk phones, analog phone adapters, the app Webex Calling or the Webex application are recorded with Dubber, a third-party partner. You can allow it to record all incoming and outgoing calls from specific users in your organization. Webex Calling includes free recording.

All clients of Webex Calling have access to the free subscription on Dubber Go. With Dubber Go, users enjoy the convenience of call recording. There are paid subscriptions that offer more options: compliance call recording, unlimited retention, AI analytics, and admin access.

  • Dubber go is available to all users and provides access to unlimited recordings. All recordings are stored for 30 days. Only users can access and manage their recordings from the Dubber portal.

Convenience Recording vs. Compliance Recording

Compliance recording is a critical business requirement for many companies. However, other companies may not be subject to the same regulatory bodies and guidance. They may simply need basic call recording functions. This is what the industry often refers to as “recording convenience.” Give employees the option to record a call for later review at their convenience. In most cases, some calls in the business may be subject to compliance, while others may not.

CISCO has been working closely with Dubber on ways in which it could provide a suite of convenience call recording features alongside Dubber Teams, its full compliance ready call recording offering at an affordable price.

Dubber Go: Convenience Recording Now Included with Webex Calling

CISCO announces that Webex Calling will now include Dubber Go at no additional charge. Dubber Go will provide all Webex Calling users with an unlimited call recording available to download and play for 30 days from the Dubber cloud.

Once enabled, customer administrators can enable their employees with Dubber Go through the Webex Control Hub administration portal. They can choose to have recording always-on or allow the user to start / stop / pause / resume recording on demand from their phone or the Webex app on the desktop and mobile device. Users will be able to easily record calls and have immediate access to download and play through the Dubber portal.


One place to manage recordings

If a customer determines that they must meet regulatory requirements to record some of their calls, we make it easy to upgrade from Dubber Go to Dubber Teams. Dubber Teams provides companies with full administrative access and policy control to recordings across the organization. We believe that having one place to store and manage both compliance and convenience recordings simplifies administration and general compliance compliance procedures.

Hybrid support

Dubber recording is the only call recording solution that works concurrently with Webex Calling and our Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) family of calling platforms. This means that if you are transitioning from on-premises UCM to Webex Calling, you can use Dubber to meet all your call recording requirements and manage it all through a common portal. We’ll even include Dubber Go convenience recording with every UCM Cloud seat. This hybrid approach streamlines your management and administrative experiences.


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