Real-time translation in CISCO WEBEX meetings

Real-time translation in CISCO WEBEX meetings

Cisco Webex breaks language barriers with real-time translation functionality.


Does not speak English? Now with webex you can choose to have your meeting conversation translated in real time from English to one of over 100 different languages.

Creating an inclusive collaboration experience starts with the most basic element: making sure all participants are part of the conversation, regardless of their native language.

That allows us? This feature allows for greater engagement and easier communication between meeting participants, that is, more effective collaboration. Non-native English speakers and / or hearing impaired participants may choose to translate subtitles from English into one of the additional supported languages. It helps understanding and creates a more inclusive meeting, where language will no longer be a barrier to great collaboration.

See how it works:


As people speak, their microphones pick up everything they say, and Webex Assistant automatically adds it as translated captions on top of the meeting controls.

Conversation translation allows for more inclusive and engaging meetings and events. If you don’t speak English or have trouble understanding the speaker, the Webex Assistant for Webex Meetings can translate English into over 100 other languages in subtitles.


Each participant can select their own preferred language so that the Webex Assistant knows which language to translate into. However, the maximum number of unique languages that can be used simultaneously in a meeting or event is five.

How to activate this functionality in webex?


1.- Activate the Webex Assistant by moving the mouse over the Webex Assistant and clicking Activate Webex Assistant.


2.- Select translation options for voice subtitles and choose the language to the Webex Assistant that you want to translate the speech.

webex real time translation
Webex real-time translation


See the CISCO blog with this announcement

Real-time conversation translation is available as a plug-in for Webex Meetings and Webex Events (new) sites in version 41.5 and later sites. during the month of June 2021.

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