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No matter where you are working, you can trust Webex to call and connect from anywhere, on any device. Cisco offers cloud calling with full PSTN coverage. Webex Calling . The way we work has changed - working from home, remotely, or a combination of both is the new norm. Each of us is aware of the shortcomings we have had by not having the right tools to be productive depending on where we were working at all times. We have needed and we need tools that are flexible, secure, and specifically designed to drive collaboration. WebEx Calling c it combines the performance of calls business with the technology of virtual meetings leader in the market and team collaboration , All in one application . Webex works with the tools you use and is designed to ensure that your business data and communications are protected .

Keep your business running

With Webex Calling in the Webex Teams Unified App, you can receive calls using your business number from anywhere, on any device. No matter where you are working, Webex Calling offers all the business calling features you have come to expect to ensure business continuity: Make a call Call recording Call waiting ( Call Hold ) / Resume Call Waiting Call transfer Merge & Conference (Merge & Conference) Call a group ( Pull Call ) Hunt Group Park calls Call pickup Multilines Voicemail Desk phone control

But also...

Webex Calling, integrations with MS Teams and Slack:

Webex Calling for Microsoft Teams and Slack users. Webex Calling's modular approach means that you can also deliver the great calling experience from other messaging apps. Scheduling, starting, or joining a Webex call or meeting from Slack and Microsoft Teams is a seamless experience.
  • Slack users.
Slack users can seamlessly initiate calls to Slack messaging colleagues using native Slack call controls and also scale Slack conversations to Webex calls. They can schedule, join a Webex meeting, and preview all upcoming meetings from their own channel. They will also receive automatic status alerts and will be able to see who has already joined the meetings that have already started, as well as they will be able to play the recordings that are published on the channel.
  • Microsoft Teams
Communication with remote Microsoft Teams users is not a problem either. Microsoft Teams users can search their company directory or Outlook contacts and initiate a call, use the Webex dial pad, or speed dials to call their contacts using Webex Calling. They can also schedule, start or join a Webex meeting from their own channel, as well as view and update upcoming meetings and receive real-time notifications when a meeting begins.

Seamless integration of workflow with your preferred tools

Flexibility is important, so you can call, connect, and collaborate with customers using their preferred tools and applications, even if they aren't using Webex. Our open and innovative approach to third-party app integration includes support for Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Box, and more. You can even design your own Webex Calling integration using the Webex Calling APIs.

Webex calling, ultimate collaboration

  • Something more than Messaging
Send messages and collaborate easily and securely with Webex. You can chat with other people 1: 1 or in a group space with rich text and expressive formatting to make sure your messages always stand out. You can also share content, ideas, and files via direct and team messages, where they can be read and responded to immediately, or flagged for follow-up later. All your conversations can be easily tracked as the messages are saved.
  • Instantly switch a call to a meeting
This feature makes it easy to switch between a call and a full-featured meeting so you can share your screen, share files with drag and drop, and even collaborate on a digital whiteboard. And for those who can't be on the call, hosts can record meetings that are automatically transcribed to share with other team members.   Related news:
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