Solutel, one more year, bets on the celebration of its internal Kick Off

Solutel, one more year, bets on the celebration of its internal Kick Off. Solutel has been celebrating its internal Kick Off for more than 15 years. Weekend dedicated to fostering team collaboration and getting to know each other better.

What are the benefits for Solutel of holding the Kick Off?

  1. Align objectives:

    The kick-off brings the entire team together to align project goals and objectives. This ensures that the entire Solutel team knows what is expected to be achieved and how it plans to achieve it, strategic objectives and the company's goals for the fiscal year.
  2. Clarify roles and responsibilities:

    During the kick-off, specific roles and responsibilities were presented to each team member. This helps avoid confusion and ensures that everyone knows what is expected of them.
  3. Generate commitment:

    By involving the entire team at the start of the project, a sense of shared commitment and responsibility for the project's success is fostered. This allows us to increase the motivation and productivity of the Solutel team.
  4. Resolving doubts and concerns:

    The kick off has given us the opportunity to address any questions, concerns or worries the team may have before the project is in full swing. This helps to prevent future problems and clear up any misunderstandings at the outset.
  5. Set expectations:

    During the kick-off, clear expectations have been established in terms of deadlines, deliverables and quality standards. This helps avoid misunderstandings later on and ensures that everyone is working towards the same standards.
  6. Create a collaborative environment:

    Kick-off fosters a collaborative and teamwork environment. By involving everyone from the beginning, open communication and collaboration among team members is promoted.
  7. Internal communication:

    It is an opportunity where we communicate important information to the entire team, such as changes in strategy, new product or service launches, internal policy updates, etc.
  8. Motivation and commitment:

    The kickoff is an event to motivate the team and generate a sense of commitment to the company's objectives and vision.
  9. Planning and coordination:

    It is an occasion to plan and coordinate activities between different teams or departments, ensuring that everyone works towards a common goal.
  10. Celebration of milestones or achievements:

    We celebrated milestones and important achievements in 2023, recognizing the hard work of the team and fostering a positive and celebratory atmosphere.
In summary, holding an internal kick-off for SOLUTEL is an important practice, and one that we celebrate year after year, to establish a solid foundation for the success of the project by aligning objectives, clarifying roles, generating commitment, resolving doubts, establishing expectations and fostering collaboration and communication among the team without losing sight of the protagonists who are our clients.

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