Solutel at the 8th edition of Emplea Tech 2024

Solutel has been present at the 8th edition of Emplea Tech, the technology employment forum organized by Tajamar Tech, the technology section of Tajamar. The largest Tech attraction event, where students of VET, University and Master of Madrid have the opportunity to get in contact with leading technology companies that are committed to the incorporation of junior talent to their teams. It provides the opportunity to learn firsthand what companies in the technology sector are demanding, receive professional guidance from experts and learn about continuing professional studies in the sector. Solutel, has been present in this 8th edition of Emplea Tech, with its own stand where attendees have approached and informed about career plans. We have received many resumes showing interest in SOLUTEL as a benchmark technology company. SOLUTEL is committed to the incorporation and training of young talents eager to start in the working world, developing their professional career specializing in cybersecurity, collaboration and network support.

What has it brought to Solutel to participate in this 8th edition of Emplea Tech?

  1. Access to a diverse pool of talent: Emplea Tech typically attracts a wide range of candidates, from recent graduates to experienced IT professionals. This has given us the opportunity to find talent with different levels of experience and skills.
  2. Visibility of the brand and corporate culture: Participating in this 8th employment forum has allowed us to showcase the SOLUTEL brand and our corporate culture to potential candidates. For SOLUTEL it is important to attract the best talent, as many IT professionals value the work culture and values of the company as much as the salary and benefits.
  3. Direct interaction with candidates: At our booth we attended candidates and training centers interested in SOLUTEL being able to talk in person and answering their questions immediately.
  4. Networking opportunities: Career forums are not only important for recruiting talent, but also for establishing contacts with other professionals and companies in the sector.
  5. Identifying emerging talent: Attending this forum, provides us with an excellent way to identify emerging talent in the information technology field. By interacting with students and recent graduates, SOLUTEL identifies those with promising potential and establishes early relationships that could lead to future hires.
EMPLOYMENT Form In summary, participating in a job forum as a company looking for IT talent can be an effective strategy to recruit the best professionals, increase brand visibility and establish valuable connections in the industry.      

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