Meraki MV22X MV72X camera

Meraki MV22X and MV72X 512 GB 4MP Security Cameras – People Counting

The new smart cameras MV22X and MV72X They have 512GB of storage and 4MP resolution recording. People Counting

The models MV22X and MV72X share the same form factor as MV22 and MV72 , but with 512 GB of storage. NowOrganizations have two ways to take advantage of this additional storage: higher retention or higher resolution . For customers interested in longer shelf life, the new MV22X and MV72X they can store up to 90 days of video 24/7. If higher resolution is what customers are looking for, newer MV22X and MV72X they can record in up to 4MP resolution, which contains almost twice the level of detail found in 1080P. On the other hand, lAdditional pixels may be useful for identification of subjects or objects at further distances , or when used by a third-party computer vision service for additional analysis. Another utility that meraki cameras have is the people counting being able -for example- to program alarms for crowding of people in specific areas, which identifies and alerts to concentrations of people where the capacity has been exceeded, also breaching said minimum personal separation.

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Indoor security cameras. Indoor varifocal camera. Cloud management, secure edge storage, and advanced analytics.


Outdoor security cameras. Varifocal camera for outdoors. Cloud management, secure edge storage, and advanced analytics.


Together, these products provide a greater variety of options for your physical and wireless security needs, all managed through the Meraki Dashboard.
  • Higher resolution and twice the storage.
  • 512GB of write-resistant solid-state storage.
  • 4MP video recording with H.264 encoding.
  • 3-9mm varifocal lens.
  • 802.11ac wireless.
  • Microphone for audio recording.
  • IR illumination up to 30m or 98ft.
  • IK10 + and IP67 rating (MV72X only).

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