What’s New in Cisco Jabber 12.8

Jabber 12.8

What’s New in Cisco Jabber 12.8

As in other publications we have commented, Cisco Jabber is a set of Unified Communications applications that allow seamless interaction with your contacts from anywhere. Cisco Jabber offers instant messaging, presence, audio and video calls, voicemail, and conferencing. In today’s article we are going to focus on what’s new in Cisco Jabber 12.8 .

What’s New in Cisco Jabber 12.8:

  • Call Park : Now available for mobile devices. Allows you to put the call on hold and retrieve it at another extension or device. When you park the call you assign it to an extension number and then retrieve it by dialing that extension on any other device.

jabber 12.8 call park

    jabber 12.8 call park
  • Voicemail Enhancements: Cisco is improving what can be done with voicemail on a mobile device. You do not have to wait for a call to ring before leaving a voice message. Now you can leave a message directly to one or more people. You can also forward a voice message to someone else, or reply directly to the sender or to everyone it was sent to.

  • Audio device priority : Choose your priority when connecting to a new device. You can decide whether Jabber starts using the new device or continues to use the current device.
  • Different ringtones for multiple lines : If you have multiple lines, you can assign each line its own ringtone so that you can identify which one is ringing.

  • Facial recognition for Android : Android users can use facial recognition functionality on their devices to log into jabber. Make sure you have facial recognition set up on your Android device. In jabber, activate biometric authentication in “Settings- privacy”

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Remember that CISCO Jabber 12.8 is available for:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android
  • VDI

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