Cisco Secure Firewall 3100 series

The 3100 Series firewalls are designed to make hybrid work and zero trust practical. They support more remote users and increase VPN performance. Clustering and the flexibility of high port density allow the firewall to grow with you, ensuring a solid return on investment.

The Cisco Secure Firewall 3100 Series is a family of four threat-focused security appliances that provide superior defense against threats.

Each model offers outstanding performance for multiple firewall use cases, even when advanced threat features are enabled. These performance capabilities are enabled by a modern CPU architecture coupled with specially designed hardware that optimizes firewall, cryptography and threat inspection functions.

The 3100 series also supports clustering to maximize performance, along with increased port density and Q-in-Q support that enables an expanded set of use cases. Q-in-Q allows multiple VLAN tags to be inserted into a single Ethernet frame. Stacking multiple VLAN tags in a frame allows routing domains to be isolated, as additional tags identify and separate customer traffic.

These capabilities support you flexibly as your needs evolve and the scale of your operations grows.

The 3100 Series firewall's performance range addresses use cases from the Internet perimeter to the data center and private cloud. The 3100 series platforms run ASA or Firewall Threat Defense (FTD) software. The platforms can be deployed in either firewall or dedicated IPS mode. For in-line arrays and passive interfaces, the 3100 series supports Q-in-Q (stacked VLAN) up to two 802.1Q headers in one packet. The platform also supports FTW (fail-to-wire) network modules.

Why use Cisco 3100 series firewalls?

Empowering hybrid workers

Support more remote workers with up to 6x faster VPN performance

Improve employee collaboration

Deliver robust video conferencing experiences with multi-threaded traffic handling.

Protecting your investment

Let the firewall grow with you through flexible clustering and high port density.

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Secure Firewall 3100 Series, a future-proof security solution

The way we work has changed. Our businesses and networks have been transformed, changing the rules of network security.

Cisco is driving innovation to address these trends with a security platform that delivers world-class security controls wherever you need them with consistent security policies and visibility, backed by industry-leading threat intelligence. The latest generation of Cisco Secure Firewall forms the basis of the tightly integrated product portfolio.

Included in all Cisco security products is SecureX threat response , an automated threat response solution that reacts to new cyber attacks by automatically sharing and deploying countermeasures across the security architecture.

Secure Endpoint

delivers global threat intelligence, advanced sandboxing and real-time malware blocking. AMP continuously analyzes file activity across your extended network to quickly detect, contain and remove advanced malware.

Talos Threat Intelligence

is a world-renowned team of full-time threat researchers, data scientists and engineers who gather information on existing and developing threats. It supports the entire Cisco security ecosystem and provides protection against attacks and malware. Talos provides visibility into the latest global threats, actionable defense and mitigation intelligence, and collective response to actively protect all Cisco customers.

SNORT Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (SNORT NGIPS)

is an industry-leading open source NGIPS that performs traffic analysis, packet tracing/logging and protocol analysis. SNORT NGIPS leverages Talos threat intelligence to help the entire security community by sharing policies that protect against evolving threats.

Reliable and adaptive context-based access everywhere is available with Identity Services Engine (ISE). Provides intelligent, integrated protection through intent-based policy and compliance solutions.

Secure Access by Duo

provides multi-factor authentication, endpoint visibility, adaptive authentication and policy enforcement with remote access and single sign-on to proactively protect application access.

Implement your future-proof firewall strategy by investing in the Cisco security platform and Cisco Secure Firewall. You'll get the strongest security posture available today and be ready for tomorrow.

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