Catalyst 9200CX Switches with HVDC, Cisco UPoE and mGig

Is your network ready for the hybrid world? Employees telework from different locations, with different devices and use applications hosted in different locations. Extends the power of the secure network as close to the edge as possible.

The new compact Catalyst 9200CX models are optimized for flexibility and security.

Ideal for: Fiber to the edge, small branch offices, healthcare, retail, hospitality, sports, media and entertainment, intelligent building refurbishment and all places where space is at a premium and quiet operation is a must.

The new Cisco Catalyst 9200CX Series devices extend Layer 3 network access with all the features of the Catalyst 9200 Series switches, provide more flexibility with their smaller size and more energy-efficient fanless operation. Smallest size and fanless design, quieter, mean Catalyst 9200CX switches can go more places where other equipment can't, such as under desks, in cabinets, on the wall and at the checkout counter for retail point-of-sale installations. These compact units are used in easy set-up and tear-down locations such as ATM rentals, small offices, hospital expansions, mobile clinics, classrooms, cruise ships, sports arenas, festivals, events and pop-up kiosks.

Four new compact models of the Catalyst 9200CX series, now with HVDC/AC power option:

  • C9200CX-8UXG-2X:
    • 8 UPOE ports (4 mGig ports up to 10G, 4 ports up to 1G) | 2 fixed SFP+ 10G uplinks | 315W internal AC | No fan
  • C9200CX-8UXG-2XH:
    • 8 UPOE ports (4 mGig ports up to 10G, 4 ports up to 1G) | 2 fixed SFP+ 10G uplinks | 315W internal HVDC/AC | Fanless
  • C9200CX-12P-2XGH:
    • 12 PoE+ ports | 2x 1G copper, 2x 10G SFP+ fixed uplinks | 315W internal HVDC/AC | Fanless
  • C9200CX-8P-2XGH:
    • 8 full PoE+ ports | 2x 1G copper, 2x 10G SFP+ fixed uplinks | 315W internal HVDC/AC | Fanless

HVDC or high voltage direct current has been around for a long time. Initially considered the least efficient way to transport electricity over long distances, HVDC has been seen as the next generation of power supply. With the ability to transfer a significant amount of energy over long distances, energy losses are now only 3% per 1,000 km.

UPoE: An important fact to keep in mind is that the manufacturer Cisco has its version of PoE in relation to PoE++. This version is known as UPoE and stands for Universal Power over Ethernet.

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Additional key benefits of Catalyst 9200CX

  • Naturally cooled fanless operation.
  • Multiple port options with incredible speeds, 1G to 10G, and now 10G multigigabit (new).
  • HVDC/AC power supply options (new) to increase energy efficiency and reduce conversion losses.
  • PoE options up to 60 W (new).
  • Zero Trust security with policy-based segmentation to reduce downtime.
  • Built-in micro-SSD card slot for offline configuration.

The Catalyst 9200CX is designed to protect your network from the inside out, applying continuous zero-trust security wherever you need it and often extending your network to places it has never been before. And now, with HVDC/AC power, PoE and Cisco UPOE 60W, you can extend connectivity even further.

Whether in the boardroom or the bedroom, at the checkout or check-in counter, don't connect to your network in a traditional workspace or workplace; embrace the future of hybrid work with Catalyst 9200CX compact switches.

Unboxing the catalyst 9200CX Switch


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