INCIBE and Cisco boost cybersecurity with a new agreement

The objective of many companies in terms of cybersecurity is to improve their response capacity and to be prepared for current threats in various areas of Spanish society, including measures and actions for protection, training and awareness of companies. In relation to this, INCIBE y Cisco have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of improving resilience to today's cyber threats, an agreement that will facilitate cooperation in cybersecurity. The agreement includes measures and actions for protection, training and awareness-raising for companies, citizens and institutions.
Carla Redondo, General Secretary of INCIBE, and Andreu Vilamitjana, General Manager of Cisco Spain, have been in charge of signing this agreement.
"From INCIBE we are committed to promoting an advanced digital society, in which we all use digital technologies regularly and safely and can benefit from their opportunities," said Carla Redondo.
Cisco also shares this vision of using technologies in a secure manner, which has contributed to the progress of this collaboration. This is pointed out by Andreu Vilamitjana, CEO of Cisco, who believes that "without security, services such as health, education and transport can be completely paralyzed". That is why "we are delighted to put our experience in network security at the service of INCIBE and Spanish companies and society," adds the executive.

Cybersecurity with INCIBE and Cisco

The agreement includes the development of joint actions in the event of security incidents and the exchange of information between both entities on products, vulnerabilities and cyber risks, among others.
In this way, both Incibe and Cisco seek to make progress in achieving a more advanced and cybersecure digital society, in which the majority of users and professionals use technology to take advantage of its benefits and opportunities.
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