Webex PTZ 4K Camera

Webex PTZ 4K Camera

The Webex® PTZ 4K Camera is a pan, tilt, and zoom camera that provides superior video quality, powerful zoom capabilities, intelligent AI-based features, and flexibility for streamlined video collaboration experiences.

The Cisco PTZ 4K Camera is a camera that features 4K resolution with 240x full zoom (20x optical zoom, 12x digital zoom). It has a 70-degree field of view that helps it fit further into the frame to accommodate large meeting spaces or boardrooms. AI-powered upper body and face detection capability enables focused, natural presentations.

Panoramic: 170º

Inclination: 20º

Zoom: 20x optical zoom + 12x digital zoom. 240x total zoom

High-quality images for video conferencing and maximum flexibility for larger conference rooms. It perfectly supports meeting spaces where you need a special camera location, want to view objects up close, or view a wide area with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities.

Combine with webex Room Kit plus or Room Kit Pro

With powerful zoom capabilities, the Webex PTZ 4K camera provides high-quality video for close-up views and framing of distant objects, prototypes, and the presenter or speakers sitting at the other end. Combined with Codec Pro or Codec Plus , features AI-powered upper body and face detection to enable natural interactions that remote participants can follow as well as in-person attendees.

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Wherever you need to work and meet, the 4K PTZ camera allows presenters to move more freely by spotting, framing and following them while they are standing to present and while moving naturally in the room, as if they were on stage.

As part of the Cisco® Collaboration Peripherals portfolio, the camera Webex PTZ 4K enables users to fully realize high definition experience and provide superior video quality. Designed specifically for video conferencing, the camera provides crisp, realistic quality for interaction and collaboration. It is ideal for use with Webex Codec Pro and Codec Plus, and works seamlessly with Webex Room Navigator for intelligent camera control. Connected to a video codec, the camera Webex PTZ 4K is a fully managed IT asset with centralized device management and information in Control Hub.

Use cases:

The camera Webex PTZ 4K You can increase the video collaboration experience in the following use cases:

  • Update video : the camera Webex PTZ 4K upgrades an existing telepresence camera to high-quality 4K video and high-capacity zoom options for your larger collaboration spaces.
  • Expand the video : The camera Webex PTZ 4K , I know used as an additional camera in conjunction with your Webex Room Kit Plus or Room Kit Pro bundle , the 4K PTZ camera can take the meeting experience to a new level with crisp close-ups of distant objects and participants.
  • Boardrooms and smart gathering spaces– Allow your presenters to move and present more naturally while ensuring remote meeting attendees don’t lose sight of active speakers, thanks to sophisticated AI-based presenter detection, framing and tracking technology.
  • Hybrid court hearings – 4K PTZ camera offers improved video quality and visibility for remote participants when they join courtroom audiences via video conferencing.
  • Hybrid education – Provides a high-quality video experience and enhanced presenter visibility for remote students joining classrooms and conference rooms via video conferencing.


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