Do you want to use Microsoft Teams as if it were a telephone and be able to make and receive external calls?

Do you want to use Microsoft Teams as if it were a telephone and be able to make and receive external calls?

Do you want to use Microsoft Teams as if it were a telephone and be able to make and receive external calls?

Do you want to have a public number connected to your Microsoft Teams?

As you well know, Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that provides internal communication and meetings, document management, and application integrations. With the Microsoft’s announcement of telephone capabilities For the platform, there has been growing interest in a key technology to enable companies to adopt it. Making and receiving external calls with Microsoft Teams is possible.

Making and receiving external calls with Microsoft Teams is now possible. Do you want to add extra functionalities to your Microsoft teams?

What is the benefit?

The idea of using Teams as a PBX is a big step for companies that like the idea of Unified Communications, which combines all their internal and external communications in a single system.

Who is it for?

This solution is designed primarily for organizations that want to use Microsoft Teams as a PBX, but are looking for more flexibility.

Any company that meets one of the following criteria is a good candidate:

  • Companies that work with Microsoft Teams:

This is obvious, but any company that is deeply involved in using Microsoft Teams for internal communications can more easily use the platform for their external communication as well. This also means less need for a separate PBX (and all the associated costs) along with better integration between systems.

  • Companies with limited internal experience:

Any company with a smaller IT team (or no IT team at all) may want outside support to use Microsoft Teams as a PBX.

  • Companies that want more flexibility than Microsoft Calling.

What does Solutel offer as a Technology partner?

  • Solutel can give numbering and associate a specific number with a Microsoft Teams user of a company or as many numbers as the company needs. For example, a company with several devices and each one wants to have an associated Microsoft Teams extension, we can do it.
  • You can have a geographic number and you have it associated with your extension to receive and to make calls.
  • If your company has a switchboard, Microsoft Teams can work linked with your switchboard. From your Teams user you can continue to have your direct number, you can dial extensions of your switchboard or dial abroad and present yourself with the number of your switchboard. You become like an extension.
  • One step further, if you have a switchboard and you have an integrated service or equivalent, you can have your desktop extension and your Microsoft Teams associated so that when a call comes to your desktop extension at the same time your Microsoft Teams rings (for if you are not at the company at that time) and if you answer from Microsoft Teams, you keep the call in Teams and if you answer on your desktop phone, the call stays on that device. This connection with the switchboard does not have a recurring cost, which does happen if you have a direct DDI.
  • It can also function as a “single number reach” so that if you have a cloud switchboard with your desktop extension, your phone rings and the Microsoft Teams extension rings at the same time. Similarly, when you want to call from Microsoft Teams, you can do it using the resources of your switchboard.

This service can be provided by Solutel in the following scenarios:

Scenario 1 Physical switchboard at the customer’s headquarters

Scenario 2 Cloud PBX

Scenario 3 Everything in the cloud and without a switchboard

Conclusion: You can have a switchboard or not, you can have only one number and we can provide a complete native Cloud service with a Cloud switchboard plus the Microsoft Teams part.

To activate this service, a Microsoft E5 license is required. As many E5 licenses as users want to have telephony in their Microsoft Teams.


Voice functionalities:

Automated attendant

Jump groups

Smart routing


Conference to three

Hold call

Transfer call …


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