Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams integration

Cisco and Microsoft announce an alliance to simplify interoperability between Cisco Webex, Telepresence Endpoints, and IP Telephony with Microsoft Teams.

Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams integration

See how easy it is to join a Microsoft Teams meeting from a Webex video device. Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams integration: See Video Integration Webex Meetings and Microsoft Teams As a result of CISCO's strategy in recent years of standardization and interoperability between different manufacturers, this alliance arises. The announcement contemplates two interoperability scenarios between Cisco Webex Devices and MS Teams Meetings :

Cloud Video Interoperability (CVI)

Allows devices Cisco Webex connect to the meeting services of Microsoft Teams . Cisco Webex will introduce an interoperability solution that is will certify as a Microsoft Cloud Video Interop (CVI) solution . This will allow the devices Cisco Webex and other SIP vendors, join the meetings of Microsoft Teams with a simple and intuitive interoperability experience. All of this will benefit customers who have requested that Cisco and Microsoft provide an interoperability solution to allow your Cisco video devices to join Microsoft team meetings in a seamless manner.

Direct access from video Meetings devices, both Webex and Microsoft

Cisco and Microsoft They are working together on a new approach that allows room devices to connect to third-party meeting services through integrated web technologies. For all this, Cisco and Microsoft enable a direct link capability from their video conferencing devices to meeting services Webex Meetings and Microsoft Teams . This capacity will be compatible with the latest generations of devices Cisco Webex Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms. Scheduled for early 2020.


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