Collaborate and share information in a secure environment. Cisco Webex Teams: Security, Compliance, and Management

Webex Teams + security

Collaborate and share information in a secure environment. Cisco Webex Teams: Security, Compliance, and Management

Collaborate and share information in a safe environment. Cisco Webex Teams: Security, Compliance, and Management

Collaborating, sharing is fun and productive, but is it safe? Webex Teams keeps your information safe with a comprehensive and comprehensive approach to cloud security.


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Security and encryption

  • End-to-end encryption

    Your messages, files, and whiteboard annotations are fully encrypted from your device to theirs. Customers can manage their own encryption keys on premises for additional control.

  • Protect the devices of your users and browsers

    Administrators can manage corporate or personal devices with controls like PIN lock and the ability to wipe data if a device is lost. Customize security controls for devices and applications, such as idle time for web clients, PIN code enforcement on devices, and remote removal of content from Cisco Webex Teams from mobile devices.

  • Control what is shared

    Users can make teamwork private by locking spaces so that only moderators can add others. Administrators can integrate data loss prevention (DLP) tools, including Cisco Cloudlock, or even block users from file sharing, to maintain company data policies.


Administrators can define compliance settings for eDiscovery report retention, search and extraction and integrate with existing compliance software.

  • Flexible retention. Cisco Webex Teams stores content for an unlimited time, until a user deletes it, or as determined by retention policies set by the administrator.
  • eDiscovery. To meet legal and regulatory requirements, compliance managers can search and extract content. Search all activities, text messages, and content, as well as contextual data such as timestamps, space IDs, and participant IDs.
  • Data loss prevention. Use the Cisco Webex Events API to stay on top of events and content so you can monitor user behavior and respond to any changes. Incorporate the Events API into your Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Data Loss Prevention System (DLP), File Platform, or eDiscovery software to search for policy violations and take corrective action.
  • File. The Cisco Webex Events API lets you know the events to save content to an archive application.

Management and analysis

Cisco Webex Control Hub is the gateway to provisioning, management, and analytics on Cisco Webex. The hub is included in all paid subscriptions for Cisco Webex and has a dashboard to check usage and performance.

  • User Management Manually enter user details or upload them in blocks. Add or remove users automatically using Cisco Webex Hybrid Services to synchronize them with Microsoft Active Directory. You can also incorporate single sign-on (SSO) services so that users who want to access Cisco Webex Teams have to enter the password approved by the IT team.
  • Reporting and metrics Measure adoption trends and develop business strategies using usage reports. Administrators can also monitor the quality, capacity, and performance of the service.

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