Discover the 14 advantages of Cisco Meraki

Discover the 14 advantages of Cisco Meraki

In today’s age of digital transformation, companies are looking for collaboration, networking, security and connectivity services that meet their needs. They are often challenged with a wide variety of vendors and complex solutions to choose from. For cloud-managed networks, SOLUTEL recommends Cisco Meraki. Solutel helps your business choose the best combination of technological resources.

Meraki is a solution in business networks with 100% centralized management and carried out from the cloud.

Meraki’s philosophy is to create simpler and more powerful IT solutions that help everyone from small businesses to global enterprises save time and money.

Advantages of CISCO Meraki

Cisco Meraki enables businesses, regardless of size, to thrive with a cloud-based network platform that offers the following benefits:

  • 100% cloud managed technology.
  • Another advantage of Cisco Meraki is the management of your entire network under a single control panel. This allows:
  • Managing multiple locations.
  • That the delegations are controlled from the central.
  • Provides broad visibility of what is happening across your network.
  • From this single control panel of the entire network you can configure and monitor thousands of ports in a simple way.
  • The dashboard does not require complicated tools or a team of experts to decipher.
  • Manage your networks from anywhere.
  • Control of users, applications and devices.
  • There is no controller hardware or management software to install or maintain.
  • Another advantage of Cisco Meraki is its rapid implementation and deployment: Networks set up in minutes even for distributed sites around the world. Device provisioning with minimal impact.
  • Secure security infrastructure (PCI and HIPAA compliant).
  • Scalable from small sites to deployments of millions of users.
  • Technology optimized for business needs, better user experience, and easy setup.
  • Hassle-free firmware updates (user-scheduled).
  • Free evaluations of all products.
  • Simple licensing model.
  • All-inclusive pricing Telephone support, feature updates, maintenance, and warranty included.
  • 99.99% of users have been satisfied with the level of service.

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In conclusion, the benefits that Cisco Meraki offers are simple, powerful and intelligent IT solutions, unified by a single platform, for today’s modern workplace.

Today’s IT departments are not just racks and cables in a server room. The IT department is aligned with sales, marketing, logistics, production, and finance to jointly solve business problems. This allows an exchange of information between departments to use it when making decisions.

Cisco Meraki brings management simplicity to wireless access points , access switches and safety devices , smart cameras and sensors managing them centrally from the cloud.

Among the sensors managed by Cisco Meraki, we find that of temperature and the sensor humidity, door opening / closing and water leak detection.

Additionally, Cisco Meraki gives network administrators the visibility and control they need, without the cost or complexity of traditional network architectures.

If you are moving your business to the cloud, like communications specialists , Solutel recommends Cisco Meraki.

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