Cisco Meraki MS Switch Portfolio Important Update


Cisco Meraki MS Switch Portfolio Important Update

Comunicate of MERAKI :

Cisco Meraki MS Switches upgrade.

We want to let you know that Meraki has just announced a change to the pricing structure of the switches for Cisco Meraki, to Update Cisco Meraki MS Switches, to accommodate new families of MS switches they are introducing this year.

We want to clarify after receiving several questions about these changes.

What are the new models Meraki announced?

At the beginning of May, we announced the upcoming introduction of the MS120 and MS210 switch lines that will begin shipping in the fall of 2017. Both families have 1Gb / s uplinks and PoE options. The MS210 provides a physical scaling option.

What prices are going to change?

The adjustment to the switch portfolio will result in a price change for the MS225 and MS250 models and their respective licenses. This will take effect on July 30 of 2017. In this Article you can find the new prices.

Why are we making this change?

We have been focusing on expanding options for the end customer and building our portfolio of access switches. When we initially launched the MS225 and MS250 we not only added more functionality, but we kept the prices comparable to the MS220 and MS320 so that these products are easily accessible to a wider market. With the introduction of the MS120 and MS210, we are adjusting prices to better align with the rest of the enterprise switch market.

The new MS120 and MS210 lines help ensure that there is a Meraki switch for every customer.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Cisco Meraki representative or see the Frequently asked questions .

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