Cisco Catalyst CW916X access points. Cloud-based or on-premise management You decide!

The Cisco Catalyst CW916X (CW9166, CW9164 and CW9162) Wi-Fi 6E access points feature the ability to be managed in the Meraki cloud or with a Catalyst 9800 wireless LAN controller. They give you the flexibility to manage your wireless network on-premises or in the cloud. How many times have we thought that this feature should be available? Each of the "CW" access points can be converted between the two modes, allowing you to change the way an AP is managed in the future, if desired. These access points actually have a "dual boot" between Meraki Cloud and Cisco Controller based modes. That means you get the full experience in both situations. It is important to note that this is an "either/or" scenario and not a "both/and" scenario. You cannot have the AP connected to a Catalyst 9800 wireless controller and manage it in Meraki Cloud at the same time. You may not yet have made up your mind to jump with both feet into the cloud. There are many reasons why you may not want to completely disrupt your network to do so, but the next time you upgrade your network, consider Cisco Catalyst™ Wi-Fi 6E access points as your path to the cloud. Maintain the operational mode you use today, whether on-premises or in the cloud. If your needs change, either way, it's an easy change. No new hardware is required. That's investment protection for your network that you can count on.  

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Meet the Catalyst CW916X models

Each access point has a slightly different composition. The goal is to help you make better product selections for your unique network requirements:
  • Cisco Catalyst 9166 offers three 4x4 radios and environmental sensors that measure air quality, temperature and humidity. This AP is perfect for large and medium-sized mission-critical organizations.
  • Cisco Catalyst 9164 offers one 2x2 radio and two 4x4 radios to suit medium and small organizations.
  • Cisco Catalyst 9162 is Cisco's entry-level solution for Wi-Fi 6E. It offers three 2x2 radios and is a good choice for small organizations.
The access points below complete Cisco's line of indoor Wi-Fi 6E access points:
  • Cisco Catalyst 9136 offers two 4x4 radios, an 8x8 and an IoT radio environmental sensor that measures air quality, temperature and humidity. This AP is perfect for large mission-critical organizations with high density requirements. This access point is strictly controller-based and cannot be changed managed in the cloud like the Catalyst 9160 access points.
  • Meraki MR57 is managed in the cloud and offers three 4x4 radios. It is well suited for large mission-critical organizations with high density requirements. This access point is strictly cloud-based and cannot be switched to be managed locally like the Catalyst 9160 access points.

Benefits Catalyst CW916X

  1. Flexibility: gives you the option of local or cloud management.
  2. Simplicity: Cloud-first IT operational simplicity with Meraki cloud management on Cisco Catalyst Wi-Fi 6E access points.
  3. Increased capacity: Cisco Catalyst Wi-Fi 6E access points provide the capacity, speed, and security to optimize your wireless experiences.
The Cisco Catalyst 9166, 9164 and 9162 series access points use tri-band radios to connect devices of all types. In addition, they offer advanced IoT capabilities with integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and application hosting. In the Cisco Catalyst 9166 Series, you get integrated environmental sensors that integrate temperature, air quality, and humidity information to help you with your building's health and safety strategy.

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