Speedtest Wifi Test

Speedtest Wifi Test

SpeedTest Test wifi on a mobile

SpeedTest is an interesting tool to measure coverage from your mobile device or a browser. It is used to view the coverage and analyze the results of Wifi coverage in any room, cafeteria, office, waiting room. The application is easy to install on a mobile, laptop, tablet and gives us easy to interpret results. You can identify yourself in the system and it will offer you a history of measurements with hours, date and IP addresses or name of the device from which you run the tests.

The documentation is in English and you have a developer page. There is a free version and a paid version. Speed Test Web

It is interesting to take into account the device from which the tests are carried out, a computer that has a 2.4 Ghz receiver is not the same as a 5 Ghz receiver or both. It must also be taken into account that it is not a precision application in that it depends on the Internet access of the wireless network itself, with which sometimes a malfunction of the same can induce measures that score lower quality to the own network when in reality we are getting a bad measure of Internet access.

There are many tools to measure the speed of Internet access and measurements of “Site Survey” or site discovery, wireless network deployment projects tend to be a lot in the field, and to give good coverage it is required not only to be able to have of a correct network electronics and wiring, if not study other elements that can affect the coverage, due to electromagnetic noises, such as electrical machines, elevators, etc.


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