Solutel, Cisco Premier Certified Partner

Cisco Premier Certified Partner, effective October 17, 2020
Congratulations! SOLUTEL has been certified as a Cisco Premier Certified Partner. Your company has met all the personnel, specialization and support requirements and has demonstrated that it is qualified to sell, install and support Cisco solutions. In recognition of this achievement, your company will be identified as a Cisco Premier Certified Partner on the Cisco Partner Locator. Thank you for your participation in the Cisco Channel Partner Program. To be honest, "Cisco Channel Partner Program Team"

What do SOLUTEL customers value?

Our clients highlight the specialization, proximity, short response times and direct relationships with both the commercial department and the technical department.

What role does Solutel play as a Cisco Premier Certified Partner?

"SOLUTEL. The value of the IT integrator ”In this video Álvaro Almadana, account manager at Solutel, presents the value that the IT integrator brings to the network infrastructure. Words such as mobility, cloud, cybersecurity, data protection, collaboration ... are concepts that our colleague Álvaro puts into play in this video along with the importance of specialized support close to the customer.  
As you already know, Solutel, as CISCO's Premier Partner, defines clear processes and places qualified personnel at their disposal so that the implemented solutions are perceived by our clients as a value bet for their businesses.

What other certifications does SOLUTEL have?

Advanced Security Architecture Specialized Partner Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialized Partner  

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