Solutel, Advanced Security Architecture Specialization of CISCO in Spain

Advanced Security Architecture Specialization

Solutel, Advanced Security Architecture Specialization of CISCO in Spain

Solutel, Advanced Security Architecture Specialization of CISCO in Spain

Dated February 24, 2019, Solutel has once again validated its certification Advanced Security Architecture Specialization. This specialization supports Solutel’s technological and professional knowledge for the definition of complex security architectures based on CISCO solutions.

Due to SOLUTEL’s awareness of security issues, it has always been committed to offering innovative products and services to prevent cybersecurity problems that have evolved in recent years and that so many economic and service disruption problems are occurring in many companies . Security solutions are a fundamental pillar in the design of all the solutions that SOLUTEL presents to its clients.

In the following video, our Director of Operations, Antonio Sempere, tells us what this CISCO Advanced Security certification means to Solutel’s technical department:

Especially relevant are the words of the Cisco Channel Specialization Team: “By achieving the Advanced Security Architecture Specialization, SOLUTEL has demonstrated that it has the ability to provide sophisticated and value-added Cisco solutions through its in-depth sales capabilities, technology skills, and service offerings.”

The certification Advanced Security Architecture CISCO specialization requires:

  1. Have qualified personnel to design security solutions of value for the business of our clients,
  2. Certified technical personnel for advanced security configuration of CISCO and
  3. Offer professional support services for the wide range of security solutions offered by CISCO.

On this point, we inform you of the security range that we offer as a CISCO Partner:

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As a consequence, we can affirm that SOLUTEL has a highly qualified team of professionals in CISCO solutions, both at the pre-sale level of the solution design and at the technical level in the implementation and support.


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