Meraki MV2 Indoor Camera

Meraki MV2 Indoor Camera

The Meraki MV2 camera belongs to the MV smart camera family. It brings together physical security and advanced analytics in a compact and flexible format. Easy to install and easy to use, MV2 provides intelligent security and analytics for a variety of indoor applications.

MV2 makes it easy to stay on top of what’s going on. Watch videos safely both locally or remotely, in the browser or in an app, from virtually any device. Smart alerts keep you up to date on activity.

Adding the optional cloud video storage license provides access to historical videos as a result. This allows you to use smart search tools to quickly research events and therefore export or share video clips.

The meraki MV2 camera uses machine learning based on machine learning to detect, classify and track objects in real time of people without the need for servers or hardware.

MV2 has flexible mounting options, a swivel base to ensure you always get the right angle from anywhere.

First, the wireless connection, second, the addition of mobile apps, and third, the USB-C power make it the easiest MV camera to deploy.

Due to the built-in analysis functionality, the Meraki MV2 camera provides information about the environment, including behavioral trends of people, use of space, …

The MV2 combines a compact, flexible, and easy-to-deploy design with enterprise-grade security and analytics, making it more accessible to small business customers.

As a result of this simplicity, the MV2 is also ideal for organizations looking to expand coverage areas for ecosystem applications, such as secure occupation in the workplace or providing retail information. So whether you need powerful physical security, smart analytics, or both, MV2 has you covered.


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