Main IT-OT CYBERSECURITY event in Valencia. June 2, 2023.

In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, CISCO presents the latest news in cyber security while we enjoy an agape of the group La Sucursal.

Cisco+ Secure Connect, the Unified SASE solution by Cisco

It simplifies the way organizations securely connect users, things and applications.

Don't miss this double experience...

The experience of flavors during the banquet in the kitchens of the La Sucursal group... and the experience of learning about the current and future cybersecurity solutions proposed by CISCO and SOLUTEL. Innovative solutions in the IT market that help protect business continuity, minimizing risks in the IT environment.
During this conference, CISCO security experts will analyze the ways in which cybercriminals attack and how CISCO can proactively prevent, with an extended and automated response, the entire security ecosystem of your company.
CISCO + Secure Connect - simplifies the way organizations securely connect users, things and applications. This unified SASE solution helps IT deliver unparalleled hybrid work experiences, anywhere. It includes the SD-WAN part, the network part and how we connect.
We all know that the infrastructure of organizations evolves rapidly, and with it the level of risk of attack increases. The CIO, the CISO and their teams have a big challenge ahead of them.... Visibility, containment and response to threats!

Event Data:

Date: June 2, 2023
Time: 1.30 pm to 5.00 pm
Venue: Veles e Vents Building : Genova Room : 2nd floor : Veles e Vents Building
La Marina de València | 46024 | Valencia
The event is free of charge and requires SOLUTEL's approval of attendee registration.

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