Enkoteams SL. AWS success story: Remote access to AWS and double factor authentication CISCO DUO

Enkoteams SL. AWS success story: Remote access to AWS and double factor authentication CISCO DUO

Enkoteams SL, a company in the CallCenter sector, whose main activity is conducting market studies and public opinion surveys in Spain and which provides its services to companies in the banking and healthcare sector, contacts Solutel as a partner of AWS and from CISCO so that we can present a solution to the problems arising from the state of alarm decreed by the arrival of COVID-19.

The arrival of Covid 19 forced more than 100 employees to be sent home and empowered to telecommute. They needed to be able to generate remote desktops quickly and securely. Security is a key element because the end customer is from the banking and healthcare sector. They implemented Amazon WorkSpaces with rapid deployment. Telecommuters were able to access their desktop from anywhere, anytime with any device. Amazon WorkSpaces is a secure, managed desktop-as-a-service solution.

Solutel implements AWS solutions as a cloud provider, offering everything from infrastructure technologies such as compute, storage and databases to emerging technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes and analytics and the internet of things.

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After provisioning the remote desktops with AWS needed to implement a remote access solution to AWS and a two-factor authentication solution with CISCO DUO.

  • Remote access solution to AWS:

    • Installation of a Cisco ASAv virtual appliance for the connection of VPN clients using Anyconnect technology.
    • Site-to-site VPN connection against an external datacenter to provide secure access to Amazon WorkSpaces clients.
  • Two-factor authentication solution with Cisco DUO:

    • Installation of an MFA service interacting with an Active Directory managed in AWS.
    • The MFA solution gives secure access to a pool of machines in Amazon Workplaces (Remote Desktop Solution in the Cloud).

At first, the solution was implemented with the idea of maintaining it during the alarm state, but it has been maintained after the de-escalation due to the versatility of the solution and its ease of management.

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