Disaster Recovery with AWS – Backup to the Cloud.

If you have your CRM, ERP, databases ... hosted locally and you want to have backup always available and updated in a few minutes in the cloud, Solutel explains the disaster recovery solution with AWS .

IT-related disasters such as data center failures, server damage, or cyberattacks can not only disrupt business operations, but also cause data loss, affect revenue and damage your reputation .


What is it Disaster Recovery ?

One of the key measures to protect a company's data , is to have the tools to recover them before the interruption of a system caused by a disaster, either natural or man-made. The concept Disaster Recovery refers to this process. Are you ready to retrieve important information from your organization in a few minutes?

Solutel presents the solution disaster recovery with AWS. Automation and prevention in the event of a security attack on your data.

Benefits of disaster recovery

  • Reducción del tiempo de inactividad y protección contra la pérdida de datos
  • Protección de datos ante los ataques de ransomware
  • Aceleración de la migración a la nube
  • Flexibilidad y escalabilidad

What AWS products are required to implement this disaster recovery solution?

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

is a web service that provides secure cloud computing capacity and of modifiable size. Offers the broadest and deepest computing platform with choice of processor, storage, network, operating system, and purchase model.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

Amazon S3 is an object storage service that store data from any location: websites and mobile applications, corporate applications and data from sensors or IoT devices. It is designed to provide customers the flexibility to layer data for cost optimization and control to directly manage access to data.

Amazon S3 it is the only cloud storage service with "query in place" functionality, allowing you to run analyzes directly on data at rest.


In the following video, our colleague from the technical department Josué Navarro Martínez, presents the solution that we propose of disaster recovery with AWS:

We explain how to make a simple backup to the AWS cloud. Automation and prevention in case of cyberattack, recover information in a short time.


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Double Factor Authentication + Antivirus + DNS layer protection + Active Surveillance Service

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SOLUTEL , Cisco Certified Partner with Advanced Security Architecture Specializations | Advanced Collaboration Architecture, as well as various deployments on AWS, with more than 24 years of experience in the implementation of technological solutions, allows users to increase their productivity, improving their communication capabilities as well as access to information in a 100% secure way. SOLUTEL offers SMEs support services, unified network design, secure Wi-Fi and complete videoconferencing systems.

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