Conclusions 1st forum Solutel customer service improvement

Conclusions 1st forum Solutel customer service improvement

As we already told you, on October 27, the 1st forum held by Solutel for companies with concerns in the improvement of customer service.

The idea for this event arose after SOLUTEL’s experience in the design and implementation of Contact Center of CISCO. SOLUTEL, in the design phase of this type of project, meets with those responsible for the Contact Center and on a recurring basis it is found that these managers have in common the same challenges that they had in the past, such as budget cuts, hiring of personnel, obsolete systems technology, customer loyalty … What has changed is the way of dealing with them. Before, the main problem was cost control and now the protagonist is the customer and improve the experience of the same. The entire solution design of the Contact Center revolves around the figure of the customer and improve their experience when they come into contact with the company.

The session took place in an atmosphere of colloquy talk and dynamic participation of the attendees. The central figure and leader of the topics to be discussed was Ms. Susana Vazquez, ASITUR Director of Operations. ASITUR is considered the best center for Customer Support from the insurance sector, they have received several awards and their quality, service and satisfaction data are truly impressive. Susana began her speech by commenting that the basic pillars that we need to improve and serve our clients well are:



Achieving success in improved customer service is a basic objective in companies, therefore it must be included within the Company CULTURE , and that it is included within its strategic plans, and that these plans are known by the work teams. The team, It is the basis, you have to be very involved and make you feel that you are part of the company and they are key, being the recognition of the people who make up the customer service. WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. And the TECHNOLOGY it has to help us achieve our objectives, it has to be quick and easy.

Changes: Team management, back office, training and surveys. There comes a time in the life of a company when a change has to be made to focus everything on the improved customer service and focus efforts on improving the customer experience. Managing this change is key to achieving objectives.

And when you already have the advanced equipment and processes, how do you achieve excellence? In customer service, everything is measured with surveys, in the case of ASITUR it has a level of excellence in this field. Your clients are not the users of your services but they make sure to maintain and increase a level of quality from the beginning to the end of each client. The NPS (Net Promoter Score) indicator and others are used to maintain quality metrics. NPS is in essence the idea of a service user to recommend this service to another, and manage the scores to achieve it.

The symbiosis between business and people is a fact and there must be a balance between the two parties to achieve goals in both directions.


The telecommuting It is a part where a large part of the questions and the challenge of its implementation were focused on the basis of having already trained and experienced people who lead these new ways of providing customer service. It is common in all organizations to have a teleworking team to solve situations such as: problems to attend the workplace (weather), conciliation and peak call campaigns. Different time zones and product and language knowledge skills. The combination of teleworking + office work solves service availability in global terms.


The challenges of the future among the attending companies in general is to shape that culture of improved customer service In some cases and in the other, the challenge lies in the improvements and implementation of new information systems that help to better understand the transactions with customers.

In this sense, another concept that has emerged is the specialization of the centers of Customer Support in order to provide a higher value service and simplify the most basic tasks with user applications (self-service). Mobile Self-Service Tools (Mobile Application Development)

Omnichannel is another important challenge, so that each client can have a way of relationship through different channels, not only voice, but also chat, email, video, web, social media, etc.

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