CISCO Webex Suite

CISCO Webex Suite

Formerly known as the Cloud Meeting + Calling EA Pack, it is now called the Webex Suite. … The Calls, Meetings and Messaging package existed before, but now, with Polls / Q&A from Slido and Events to enable the best hybrid work experiences. Users can host virtual events such as webinars, training sessions, and meetings for everyone.

Calls, meetings, messaging, surveys and events – that’s what the new Webex Suite offers with a single purchase and at competitive prices.

Being able to make calls with any of our voice solutions from within the Webex app, collaborate on messages and share files, or create or join meetings seems pretty logical. But to this we have to add our Solid survey tool , fully integrated into the meetings; or the new Webex Events 2.0, more complete and powerful than ever.

It is about having everything you need to collaborate in teams within the same package, to which we can add other of our solutions such as “Contact Center” or Webex video equipment.

Now all employees can experience the full power of the Webex platform in a single offering with calls, meetings, messaging, and events. With Webex Suite, new and existing customers also receive powerful built-in capabilities like Polling (Solid), Gesture Recognition, Noise Removal, Closed Captioning, Webex Assistant, and much more.

If you need features like real-time translation , Cisco calling plans, or contact center that are not available in this offer, CISCO has made purchasing these paid add-ons in addition to the Webex Suite very easy.


Polls and Questions and Answers from Slido

To create a more engaging meeting experience, Slido’s Q&A capability is now natively integrated into Webex. You can take advantage of 6 diverse voting options and live Q&A to create more engaging meeting experiences. No additional charges or configuration updates – it’s just part of Webex Meetings and Webex Suite!

Custom layouts – stage-only view

Webex custom layouts give users a lot of flexibility to focus on what they want to do with drag and drop capabilities. Now, as a host or co-host, you can select your audience view. Limit participants’ view to the stage only, so everyone can see what’s on stage, and limit visual distractions from other participants or panelists.

Webex meeting organizer controls to disable for selected participants

Prevent videos of unwanted participants from becoming a distraction in your meeting. Hosts and co-hosts will have more moderation control to mute or unmute an individual participant’s video. The remote participant can unmute, but this option allows hosts to quickly eliminate visual interruptions at any time.


Message pinning

The most requested messaging feature by users is now available: pin messages! It allows important information to be found quickly and easily in your individual and group spaces. Any user can pin a message, link, or content to a space and select pinned messages to display in the new header of the pinned message.

Space linking

Now when you compose a message, you can link a space in the same way that you link a user, using @mention. Now you will get a list of users in your space, as well as a list of spaces that you are a part of. When you post a space link, your contact will see the name of the space hyperlinked for easy access.


Call Chromebooks (Webex App)
Chromebooks are popular with students and businesses using Google Productivity Tools. Unified CM Calling and Webex Calling are now available on ARM and x86 Chromebooks. Users can use the Webex app on Chromebook and their Android phone at the same time.

Call Recording Enhancements with Webex Calling

Webex now offers convenience call recordings for all Webex Calling and UCM Cloud users with Dubber Go . The integrated Dubber Go subscription will allow free access to call recordings, including: Unlimited call recordings that will be available for 30 days to play and download.

Get calling plans from

Webex offers calling plans that include phone numbers for each user, advanced calling features, and unlimited local and national calls with international calls (subject to per-minute usage charges). You can make and receive calls with your business number. Pick the plan that’s right for you and get started in minutes. Available in EMEA in 2022.


Introducing the new Webex events

The new Webex Events service offers a best-in-class virtual events experience that is video-centric, smart, and easy to use. Hosts choose between webinar mode for a highly engaging, interactive event and webcast mode for events with limited attendee interactions.

Hosts, panelists, and attendees get enhanced experiences like modern scheduling, the Webex Assistant, meeting reactions, gestures, and more at scale. The webinar mode supports up to 10,000 attendees and the new webcast mode allows you to scale large events to 100,000 people.

Webex Events

Cisco Webex Suite, the industry’s first hybrid work platform that combines meetings, calls, messages, surveys and events in one offering, priced up to 40% lower than other solutions purchased ‘on demand’.

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