CISCO Webex Desk Mini

Webex Desk Mini

CISCO Webex Desk Mini

Because home office spaces aren’t always “office spaces,” Cisco has added the Webex Desk Mini to its Desk series, a personal device with a professional, portable touch.

Webex Desk Mini is an all-in-one portable collaboration device that lets you turn any space into an office.

With Webex Desk Mini you can also join meetings organized by third parties such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, …

Designed with a small base to fit in any space, a touch screen that sits just above your laptop at eye level, and a handle that makes the product portable.

Drawing on the Desk Mini works with your finger or uses the same pen as the Webex Desk and Desk Pro.

The new PC features the same security and manageability that Cisco offers its Desk Series PCs.

What does Webex Desk Mini provide?

  • Work from any space, without worrying about the environment. Features like noise cancellation, virtual video backgrounds, and auto-adjusting camera ensure professional meetings.
  • Join any meeting. You can connect directly from the device or simply connect it via USB-C to your laptop. You can also work with a wireless connection to the Webex app to create a desktop space.
  • 15-inch 1080p interactive compact screen; 64-degree HD camera, full-range speaker, and background noise canceling microphone array.
  • Join any meeting with third parties. Connect natively from the device with WebRTC, VIMT, or join any meeting from a third-party meeting via USB-C leveraging the camera, speaker, and microphone.

Webex Desk Mini allows you to turn any space into an office with the same all-in-one benefits as Webex Desk and Webex Desk Pro but with the added value of portability.

With its 15-inch touch screen and small footprint, the Desk Mini is a perfect companion to your laptop at any desk or temporary workspace.


  • Width: 37.1cm
  • Height: 41.3cm
  • Depth: 13.5cm
  • Weight: 3.9kg

Webex Mini Datasheet

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