Cisco Spark reinvents Collaboration Experience

Cisco Spark reinvents Collaboration Experience CISCO Spark Complete Solution, Enterprise Collaboration. Cisco has gone a step further in enhancing the collaborative experience Spark, a solution that combines in one cloud offering managed from the three types of communication demanded by users at work: meetings, messaging and calls See video What is CISCO SPARK? It consists of three parts, which are offered separately and posed a unique experience for the user:
  1. Messaging
  2. Meetings
  3. Calls
Cisco Spark is an application that simplifies the job by providing the tools to fluent conversations. The application lets you send messages, share files, join different teams at the same time facilitates communication and video, all in one place. Some of the features that the application offers are:
  • Chat rooms: Configure chat rooms quickly and easily – work on all types of devices – In which all members can interact, share files and make decisions together. – Unlimited Salas, public or private chat. – Create chat rooms with synchronized calendar and contacts (mobile only) – Easy file management, drag and drop files into the chat rooms
  • Video calls: With one click create high-quality video calls, either a person or a group of people. – Make video calls from any device – Share your screen (Mac and Windows from web, Firefox only) – See screen sharing from any device
  • Security: Share with confidence knowing that your messaging and files will only be seen by the people to whom they are intended
The new proposal offers the possibility of meetings, messaging and calls on the cloud Madrid, 10 December 2015 – Cisco reinvented once again combining the collaborative experience in one cloud offering managed from the three types of communication demanded by users at work: meetings, messaging and calls. Additionally, the company announced under the Collaboration Summit event held in San Francisco the ability to connect to the cloud their phones and videoconferencing systems to access through them to these services. The new proposals Cisco and Cisco Spark Spark Hybrid Services provide an innovative user experience by providing Cloud platform from Cisco: • A safe and easy collaboration. Currently, most workers use solutions that have no connection with each other to hold virtual meetings, share messages with their teams and making phone calls. Spark Cisco’s new offering combines in one solution meetings, messaging and calls very easily. For example, with one click you can convert a phone call in a video meeting or transfer a video call from a virtual meeting room to the user’s mobile phone and moved to another room so that communication is never lost even though we we find moving. • The possibility of connecting telephone systems to the cloud. Organizations have invested heavily in telephone systems and other equipment are installed in their offices. Spark Hybrid Cisco Services to connect these devices to the cloud. For example, when making a call from a Cisco IP phone Spark a meeting in a room to which both parties have access and where they can share content with a single click is automatically created. It is a totally seamless experience for users, since it is not necessary to configure the facility, which is available when needed. In addition, Cisco Spark Hybrid Services can interface functionality calendars hosted on-premise to the cloud, greatly simplifying the preparation and management of virtual meetings even from the mobile device; just type “spark” or “webex” on location details to create an invitation and Cisco Spark create a room for the group to share ideas and content. • A very easy to configure desktop phones and video rooms, in such a simple way through a QR code. • APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) open for third party developers to design innovative applications that extend the value of Spark Spark by Cisco for Developers. Availability Cisco Spark allows all types of organizations to access messaging tools, meetings and calls from the cloud using a simple subscription model where you pay for the services used per user per month. Available through the network of partners, Cisco Spark for Developers and selected Cisco Spark services are already available. All other features will be available throughout 2016. Statements of support • Rowan Trollope, senior vice president and general divisions Collaborative, Analytical Data and Internet of Things in Cisco: “At Cisco we are committed to make the tools work on something extremely simple and pleasant to use. Spark provides a new and amazing experience for users in organizations of all sizes and sectors, and this is just the beginning. “

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