Cisco Spark Board: Wireless Presentation, Whiteboard and Video Conferencing

cisco sparkboard

Cisco Spark Board: Wireless Presentation, Whiteboard and Video Conferencing

An all-in-one device for team collaboration

With the Cisco Spark Board, you can present via wireless, use a digital whiteboard, and have voice and video video conferences. Everything you need for team collaboration at your fingertips. You can also use the application Cisco Spark to connect with your virtual machines outside the physical room, using the devices of your choice.


Diseñado para su mente

Designed for your mind

Enjoy an easy, tactile, and high-quality collaboration experience. Cisco Spark Board integrates the necessary tools most commonly used in meeting rooms in a single elegant device.

Conéctese con sus equipos virtuales a través de la aplicación Cisco Spark

Connect with your virtual teams through the Cisco Spark app

Everything that is created with Cisco Spark Board it can be stored in the cloud and linked to a virtual room. This allows team members to pick up anything that was left pending in the physical room from anywhere, and continue working from where they left off.

La inteligencia que se anticipa a sus necesidades

Intelligence that anticipates your needs

Cisco Spark Board activates automatically when you enter the room. The computer detects your device that is compatible with the Cisco Spark application and suggests an activity to choose from, such as a call, a whiteboard, or sharing your presentation wirelessly. The app also provides you with basic control of the Cisco Spark Board through your mobile device.

Intelligent camera delivers a natural viewing experience

Intelligent camera delivers a natural viewing experience

Our powerful 4K camera captures a high-resolution, wide-angle image that spans virtually the entire room. Dynamic framing provides the best possible perspective of the people in the room.

Smart microphones capture crisp, clear sound.

A powerful microphone automatically modulates voices into the speakers so meeting participants sound great. Plus, these built-in microphones keep the tables cable-free.

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