Cisco Meraki Z4

The Cisco Meraki Z4 Teleworker Gateway is a versatile device that combines the functionalities of an enterprise-class firewall, a VPN gateway and a router. This device is specially designed to provide secure and reliable connectivity to teleworkers.

A similar experience to the office, but at home and with wifi always connected.

Protect all remote users no matter what they access, from anywhere.

The Z4 offers state-of-the-art wireless connectivity with WiFi6, ensuring a fast and efficient network experience for users. In addition, it has five Gigabit Ethernet ports, including a built-in PoE (Power over Ethernet) port that allows powering devices such as VoIP phones and other PoE-compatible devices.

One of the main advantages of the Z4 is its ability to securely extend Meraki's cloud-managed networks to virtually any location. This means that teleworkers can have secure access to the company's network resources, regardless of their physical location.

In short, Cisco Meraki Z4 is an end-to-end solution that combines firewall, VPN gateway and router functions. It offers advanced wireless connectivity, multiple Ethernet ports and the ability to extend managed cloud networks to remote locations, providing a secure and efficient teleworking experience.

Create the most efficient and scalable long-term remote work strategy:

  • Secure Internet access with Cisco AMP, ThreatGrid and Content Filtering
  • WAN: 1 GbE; LAN: 4 GbE (1 PoE-enabled port); Wi-Fi: dual-band 2×2 Wi-Fi 6
  • LAN: 4 GbE (1 PoE-enabled port); Wi-Fi: dual band 2×2 Wi-Fi 6
  • 500 Mbps firewall performance
  • 250 Mbps site-to-site VPN performance

Protect all remote workers accessing the Internet directly with a firewall, Cisco Secure Endpoint, Secure Malware Analytics and integrated content filtering.
Connect remote workers to data centers or multi-cloud IaaS resources with three-click encrypted Auto VPN.
Easily enable additional cloud-hosted security capabilities with Cisco Umbrella at scale in minutes.

Meraki Teleworker Gateway is a type of MX designed for use in small remote offices and remote workers' homes. Allowing them to securely connect to their headquarters while offering the same security as our MX Platform.

With the introduction of the Z4, we are also introducing two new license types for the Teleworker series:


Secure Teleworker

  • Essential SD-WAN Features

  • Secure connectivity & basic security

  • Advanced Security Features

  • Advanced SD-WAN Features

  • Advances Analytics

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Meraki Z4 functions by license options:



Secure Teleworker

Centralized management

Zero-touch firmware updates

True zero-touch provisioning

24x7 enterprise support

Open APIs

Automatic WAN failover

Sub-second site-to-site VPN failover

Sub-second dynamic path selection

Stateful firewall

VLAN to VLAN routing

Advanced Routing

Traffic shaping/prioritization

Site-to-site VPN

VPN Client

Splash pages

Configuration templates

Group Policies

Client connectivity alerts

Source-Based Routing

Local Breakout (IP based)

Umbrella DNS Integration**

Geography based firewall rules

Content filtering

YouTube Content Restriction

Web Search Filtering

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

Threat Grid Integration**

WAN Health Analytics (MI)

VoIP Health Analytics (MI)

Smart breakout

**Requires a separate license

Z4 Datasheet

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