CISCO ISE complements your company’s security strategy

CISCO ISE complements your company's security strategy.

CISCO ISE deals with identity issues, that is, giving the correct (defined) level of access by identifying:

  • User with corporate device
  • User with non-corporate device

Why is it important to have that “identity”, that device identification?

Because security is a very sensitive issue and companies need to know who is using what within their network.

With the information that knowing who, where, when and from what device is accessing your network gives you, you can "trust" or not, and give the corresponding access. It gives you an identity on the network.

CISCO ISE is a policy server that allows us to manage access to a corporate network for all types of users who want to access the network with a wide variety of devices from laptops or desktops to iPads and smartphones. Including remote access through VPN.

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You can try the CISCO ISE solution free of charge.

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