Cisco ASA Next Generation Firewalls with NGFW FirePower

Cisco ASA Next Generation Firewalls with NGFW FirePower

The appliances of NGFW Cisco Firepower They combine network firewalls with the industry’s most effective next-generation IPS and advanced malware protection.

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NGFW FirePower. Our customers implement Cisco’s next-generation firewall solution because, in a single package, it includes:
  • the ability to prevent intrusions,
  • protection against advanced malware,
  • URL filtering,
  • application visibility and control… all within a single consolidated appliance.

Firewalls have evolved and are now much more than just a filter packet and stateful inspection. Many companies are implementing next-generation firewalls to stop modern threats like advanced malware and application-layer attacks.

As defined by Gartner, Inc. These are the advantages that a next-generation firewall should include:

  • Standard firewall features like state inspection.
  • Integrated intrusion prevention.
  • Application detection and control to view and block applications that may generate risks.
  • Update routes to add future sources of information.
  • Techniques to deal with changes in security threats.

These functions are increasingly present in many companies, but a next-generation firewall can do much more.

Threat-centric NGFW

This type of firewall has the features of a traditional next-generation firewall and also offers advanced threat detection and remediation. Here’s what you can do with a threat-focused NGFW:

  • Know which sectors are most at risk, thanks to its full visibility of the context.
  • React quickly to attacks through the automation of intelligent security that sets policies and dynamically strengthens your defenses.
  • Detect evasive or suspicious activities more effectively thanks to the network linking and the terminal event.
  • Significantly reduce the time between detection and cleaning through retrospective security that continuously monitors for suspicious activity and behavior even after an initial inspection.
  • Simplify management and reduce complexity thanks to unified policies that provide protection throughout the attack cycle.

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