Basic recommendations to minimize Ransomware


Basic recommendations to minimize Ransomware

Basic recommendations to minimize Ransomware

Ransomware, infects a personal computer or mobile device, blocks the operation and / or access to part or all of the equipment, seizing the files with strong encryption and requires the user to amount of money as a “ransom” to free them .

Prevention is essential to stop Ransomware.

What are the basic recommendations to stop Ramsomware?

  1. System and application update . Keep the operating system and applications updated with the latest security patches.
  2. Defense line . An antimalware solution should be installed and maintained, including a firewall configured to allow exclusive access to the necessary applications and services.
  3. Anti Ransom Tool . It is a specific tool against this type of attack, which will try to block the encryption process of a ransomware.
  4. Antispam filter . Many of the Ransomware attacks are distributed through mass email campaigns. Include the advice not to click on links or open attachments from unknown senders.
  5. JavaScript blockers . This helps to minimize the chances of getting infected through web browsing.
  6. Security politics . Establishment of policies that prevent the execution of directories commonly used by ransomware, such as App Data, Local App Data, etc.
  7. Privileged accounts . Do not use accounts with administrator privileges. 86% of threats against Windows can be dodged by using a common user instead of an administrator. That is why it is important to use a common user for common tasks and only leave the administrator for when a series of system-specific tasks is to be done.
  8. File extensions . Showing extensions for known file types is a good practice to identify possible executable files that want to masquerade as another type of file.
  9. Virtual machines . Using virtual machines to isolate the main system is another effective technique. In a virtualized environment, the action of ransomware does not usually materialize.
  10. Backup . Making backup copies, hosted on an external medium, of important data is the most effective measure to minimize damage in case of being infected.

How can Solutel help you?

  • Email Ransomware Protection

Cisco Cloud Email Security with Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) blocks ransomware delivered via spam and phishing. It even identifies malicious attachments and URLs. Email remains the most frequently used application by ransomware.

  • Web ransomware protection

Most ransomware attacks use DNS. Cisco Umbrella with DNS and IP layer enforcement stops ransomware on all ports and protocols. Stay protected with Umbrella whether you’re on or off the grid.

  • Ransomware Protection for Endpoints

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints prevents ransomware files from taking your system hostage. While you can’t completely prevent risky cyber behavior, you can improve the security of your endpoints and servers.

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