Basic cybersecurity audit

For any company concerned about the continuity of its business, cybersecurity is an important pillar to ensure its smooth operation. With the rapid evolution of technology, networks, communications and changes in the way we work with employee mobility, where do you start? by a basic cybersecurity audit to know the current state of your network. This will help you to know what the starting point is and what improvements should be implemented.

The basic cybersecurity audit is the main tool proposed by Solutel as a specialist in cybersecurity, in order to know the security level of your organization in relation to your computer systems, communication and internet access.

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Why do a basic cybersecurity audit?

Because with the data collected during the audit, its analysis and through the final audit report, the company will be aware of the existing vulnerabilities in its network and what action plan is proposed to improve it.

  • Improve the company's internal security controls

  • Detects weaknesses
    in security systems such as errors, omissions ores, omissions or failures.

  • Identifies possible fraudulent actions
    (unauthorized data access or internal theft).

  • Helps to eliminate the company's security weaknesses (e.g. websites, e-mail or remote access).
    (websites, e-mail or remote access, for example).access, for example).

  • Allows you to control access
    both physical and virtual (review of access privileges).
  • Allows you to keep systems and tools up to date.

Stages of an audit

  • General network diagram, network segmentation, single elements of failure.
  • Current status of networks.
  • Electronic security inventory.
  • Inventory of safety devices.
  • Basic Firewall/Firewall security analysis.
  • Basic Security Analysis in Wireless Enterprise networking .
  • Basic Analysis of Corporate Network Security.
  • Antivirus Security Review.
  • Active Directory servers.
  • Conclusions and points for improvement.


One of the issues of greatest concern to companies today is cybersecurity. There are countless types of IT security audits and different depths. If you are aware that you cannot postpone knowing how your network is today in terms of cybersecurity, contact Solutel and we will tell you where to start.

Interested in a basic cybersecurity audit?

Call us and we will advise you

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