Are you looking for CISCO Umbrella for schools or universities? Umbrella education

umbrella education

Are you looking for CISCO Umbrella for schools or universities? Umbrella education

CISCO Umbrella for schools or universities. Umbrella education

CISCO offers a personalized education package licensed based on the number of faculty and staff. Students will be protected at no additional cost. Umbrella education .


Simple and effective cloud security

Umbrella provides the first line of defense against Internet threats for users on and off the network by blocking requests to malicious destinations (domains, IP addresses, URLs) before a connection is established. All packages are delivered in the cloud with no hardware to install or software to maintain. The Umbrella network provides 100% business uptime with more than 27 data centers around the world.

Cisco Cloud Security is an effective, open, automated, and easy-to-manage security platform. Backed by industry-leading threat intelligence, it’s the fastest and easiest way to protect all your users in minutes. Because it is delivered from the cloud, there is no hardware to install or software to update manually. And you can deploy in minutes to distributed campus sites, at scale. Now you can protect students and staff while protecting data, identities, and applications in the cloud.

What problems does Cisco Umbrella for Education solve?

Block threats sooner:

Stop malware before it reaches your campus network or student and faculty devices.

Extend protection:

Eliminate blind spots. Protect students and staff wherever they go, wherever they have Internet access, on or off campus.

Secure users, data, applications:

Protect cloud users, data, and applications from compromised accounts, malware, and data breaches. Enable CIPA compliance (law for the protection of children on the Internet) and HIPAA (Law of portability and responsibility of medical insurance).

Enable safe use:

Create a safe but open learning environment with no impact on student privacy or staff productivity.

The time has changed

Traditional security in schools was not built to protect cloud-enabled mobile users. Today’s schools and universities are highly connected environments, with students and staff using their laptops, tablets, and smartphones to access institutional data anywhere, both on and off campus. As a result, users are more likely to be infected with malware because they connect directly to the Internet, creating gaps in visibility and coverage. Students and teachers have the flexibility to automatically install and enable applications, or access, create, and share information with anyone, anywhere. That means schools and universities around the world face a higher risk of sensitive data being inadvertently or maliciously exposed.

Applications, data and identities are moving to the cloud very quickly to take advantage of cost savings, scalability and accessibility. For schools, adopting SaaS applications gives students and faculty more control over the applications they use and the information they share on and off campus. With SaaS, sensitive data and applications are no longer restricted behind a firewall, and your staff don’t need to use the VPN to get work done. As more schools and distributed learning environments rely on the cloud, direct access to the Internet is favored over directing traffic through the campus network.

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