IT support

IT support
Because the continuity of your business is the most important thing.<br>Having specialized IT Support in your network minimizes downtime in your organization.

Solutel offers a service IT support both to the Public Administration and to private companies. The main profile of companies that value our services IT support They are companies with delegations both in national and international territory.

Due to the capacity of our department of IT support , allows us to offer an opening hours of up to 24×7.

The combination of our 3 services REPAIRS | REPROGRAM | HOURS BONUS with the 3 modalities BASIC | ADVANCED | CUSTOMIZED and with the hourly attention of 8×11 | 24×7 allows us to adapt our IT Support service to the needs of your corporate network.


With these possible combinations our clients decide, depending on the criticality of their business, the service of IT support that best suits your needs.


¿En que consiste cada Soporte IT?


What does each IT Support Modality consist of?

  • Reactive Support

  • Technical and human resources

  • Support through multiple platforms


Atención inmediata e individualizada

  • Attention to incidents

    The attention of incidents will be less than 15 minutes and the response time will be a maximum of 1 hour

  • Remote interventions

    Remote interventions

  • Soci tecnològic

    It provides you with a technological partner to achieve your strategic objectives, with a “flat rate” for your cost control.


  • Breakdowns

    At Solutel, we take care of managing possible hardware and software breakdowns.

  • Replacement

    RMA generation and replacement management.

  • Material

    Shipments of damaged material.

  • Modification of parameters

    Modification of parameters.

  • PROACTIVE support.

  • SPECIALIZED AND CERTIFIED technical and human resources in IP unified networks.

  • 24 h remote monitoring

  • Telephone / email / videoconference / webex / eticketing support