IT Support, 24 x 7 | 11 x 5

With these possible combinations our clients decide, depending on the criticality of their business, the IT support service that best suits their needs.


What does each IT Support consist of?


What does each IT Support Modality consist of?

The objective of this service is to cover technical support needs for Maintenance and Warranty Management of your network infrastructure.

  • Reactive Support

  • Technical and human resources

  • Support through multiple platforms

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  • Attention to incidents

    The attention of incidents will be less than 15 minutes and the response time will be a maximum of 1 hour


  • Remote interventions

    Remote interventions


  • It provides you with a technological partner to achieve your strategic objectives, with a “flat rate” for your cost control. 



  • Breakdowns

    At Solutel, we take care of managing possible hardware and software breakdowns.


  • Replacement

    RMA generation and replacement management.


  • Material

    Shipments of damaged material.


  • Modification of parameters

    Modification of parameters.


It allows the optimal performance of your network infrastructure, minimizing the impact on your business of possible problems in your communications network.

  • PROACTIVE support.

  • SPECIALIZED AND CERTIFIED technical and human resources in IP unified networks.

  • 24 h remote monitoring

  • Telephone / email / videoconference / webex / eticketing support


  Tailored to the client, for special support requests that go beyond the basic or advanced mode.