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IT Support
Because the continuity of your business is the most important thing.
Having specialized IT Support in your network minimizes downtime in your organization.

Faced with the growing expansion of virtualization and migration to the cloud and due to the high level of knowledge and specialization required in the world of computing, having an outsourced IT support service has become a necessity for the IT departments of companies. Business. Solutel’s IT support team is made up of qualified professionals, specialized in the needs of the SME, who will act as an external technology department, without fixed costs of personnel or structure, but with the benefits of IMMEDIATE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE.

With Solutel’s services you will receive prompt attention to your incident, as well as a diagnosis and resolution of problems that may arise in the technological field.

Solutel helps its clients to manage their own technological resources and improve their network structure. Consulting services are performed by experts in network analysis in order to solve possible problems in the network infrastructure quickly and safely.

Remote management

Through an access from Solutel and the servers or terminals of our clients, it is accessed to be able to manage all the contracted services.


We use real-time monitoring to measure the state of the client’s network that requires it and store the results for analysis.


We use them to report network conditions that are not optimized, high temperature, electrical failures and network problems in general.

24×7 service

Service available 365 days a year for customers who require it.

Qualified technicians

Certified by large manufacturers and in continuous training.

This service is based on a set of technical and human resources that allow remote and specialized assistance and monitoring of unified IP networks with centralized telephone support, immediate and individualized attention by specialized technicians, thus providing your company with a technological partner to achieve strategic goals. It puts highly qualified personnel at your fingertips, without the need to select, train or hire.

What IT support does your business need?

At Solutel we listen to you and adapt IT Support to the critical nature of your business.


The support services offered by Solutel are customizable based on the specific needs of each of the clients.

The support service is divided into:

  • Packs that can be contracted and combined by the client according to their needs: REPARA rate | RESCHEDULE rate | HOUR Bonus .
  • Office hours: 8×5 | 24×7
  • Modalities: Basic (Reactive service at the request of the client) Advanced (Proactive service without client intervention) Personalized (Requests that are not covered by the advanced modality).

With these possible combinations, our clients decide, depending on the criticality of their business, the IT support service that best suits their needs.

Solutel’s support services are aimed at freeing you from the management, maintenance and monitoring of the infrastructure and communications that support your organization’s business applications, so that the IT department can dedicate day to day to what is truly important, which is managing your business needs.

The support services offered by Solutel are customizable based on the specific needs of each client. Not all clients require the same IT resources.