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Camara meraki mv32

Meraki MV32 camera. 360º vision Ideal open spaces

Cisco Meraki is pleased to announce the latest addition to the MV family: the Meraki MV32 camera. This new camera has a 360 ° vision which allows you to have a complete vision. In the dashboard you can have a digital panorama, with tilt and zoom in both live and historical images. The MV32 is ideal for open spaces that are found in stores, stores, large corridors.

We are also announcing Motion Search 2.0 and Motion Recap that provide greater understanding and business intelligence.

See things from a new perspective

MV32 presents the same innovative architecture as the rest of the MV family, and adds a 360 ° visualization of an area. The camera records and processes the totally distorted image, and the Meraki dashboard allows an immersive video view, with pan, tilt and zoom in live and historical images.

Unlike traditional pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras that only record what they are currently watching, the Meraki MV32 camera stores everything in the field of view, so no information is lost. This makes it ideal for open spaces, areas with corridors and also in areas with intersecting corridors where visibility is needed in several directions.

Meraki MV32 has an 8.4MP sensor and records at a resolution of up to 2058 x 2058. It has the same industry-leading processor as the rest of the second generation MV line, enabling advanced analysis with object detection through artificial vision and automatic learning. It comes with 256 GB of integrated storage and has wireless capability, which facilitates its installation in a variety of locations.

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They are introducing introducing two new software features.

The first feature, Motion Search 2.0, offers a new detection algorithm that increases fidelity for small changes, reduces false positives and offers better sensitivity at night and in low contrast environments.


The second feature, Motion Recap uses the information collected from the movement in the camera to produce composite images that summarize the activity in a single frame. The panel will automatically display the search results as recapitulations of movement, which facilitates the quick identification of what you are looking for. The images of Motion Recap serves to understand everything that happened without watching the video.


The new MV32 will be available from May.

Motion Search 2.0 and Motion Recap will be available for all second generation MV cameras as a software update, included at no charge as part of the license.

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Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini

Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini

Cisco Webex® Room Kit Mini is a videoconferencing system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Custom designed for the group work style. It is easy to use, implement and manage. Combine the codec, camera, microphones and speakers in one device. If you have a 4K screen in a room, turn it into a collaborative meeting space!


What size of rooms is recommended?

The Room Kit Mini is ideal for meeting spaces of three to five people. It has a wide field of vision of 120 degrees that allows to see everyone in a meeting space. Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make sure everyone can see and be focused. It also offers the flexibility to connect to a video conferencing software based on a laptop via USB. CISCO WEBEX ROOM MINI is tightly integrated with the industry-leading Cisco® Webex platform for continuous workflow, and can be registered on-site or to Cisco Webex in the cloud.

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Room Kit Mini offers the industry leading collaboration experience, whether you are in a meeting space or in a corporate boardroom. Implementation and administration capabilities are easy and allow customers to equip and support thousands of meeting spaces with intelligent collaboration tools typical of larger room systems. Important to note that people who use the system, are taken into account to perform analyzes on the use and used to plan resources. These features allow Cisco to eliminate usage and deployment barriers, and enable today’s new meeting work style.

Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini featured features and featured differentiators

Brings more intelligence to the way of teamwork.

Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini offers collaboration innovation in a Kit. It brings intelligence and ease of use to meeting spaces. Other vendors are striving to embed advanced features such as automatic framing, wireless sharing and 4K content into their high-end products, while Cisco already incorporates them into the full range of equipment. With the Room Kit Mini, Cisco is helping customers experience smart meetings, smart presentations and creating smart device and room integrations at a competitive price.

Smart meetings: Powerful built-in cameras offer intelligent viewing capabilities, such as auto-framing, and automatic noise suppression functionality reduces meeting disruption.

Smart rooms: People count for usage metrics and resource allocation; Narrow integrations with screens improve user interactions; APIs and macros allow the personalization of meetings.

Record flexibility: Created for deployment in the cloud and on the premises, protecting your investment.

Join any meeting: A USB connection allows interoperability with any cloud service provider.

These features were previously high-end video conference rooms. Now they can be taken to all rooms and equipment. And when it registers with Cisco Webex, additional cloud-based functionalities are enabled that improve the user experience and workflow of the team and further simplify implementation.

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Cisco jabber 12.5

New features of CISCO Jabber with Jabber 12.5

New features of CISCO Jabber with Jabber 12.5

We are pleased to announce the release of Jabber 12.5. The objective announced by CISCO with this new version is to “build bridges” and provide technology that works together and offers a consistent experience, regardless of the device or application that you use. So what’s new in Jabber 12.5? We are introducing modern team messaging features from the cloud and a significantly improved meeting experience with active controls. These two new features help you take advantage of new and existing technologies to create incredible experiences for your customers.

What is CISCO Jabber?

Before deacuting the new features of Jabber 12.5, I want to present CISCO Jabber for those who do not know this application of CISCO. It is a business collaboration tool. It allows people to collaborate anywhere and from any device.

Mobility does not have to limit productivity. Cisco Jabber offers instant messaging, voice and video calls, voice messaging, desktop sharing, conferences and presence. Find the right people, see if they are available and how they are available and collaborate more effectively. Instant messaging, voice, video, desktop sharing, conferencing, and presence.

Capacities and benefits:

Instant messaging and presence: Improve productivity. Use the presence information in real time and instant messaging to reduce delays. See the availability of contacts inside and outside your organization.

Business-class voice and video: Communicate clearly. Get secure and reliable communications with Cisco Jabber phone features, including HD voice and video, in addition to desktop sharing.

Collaborate anywhere, at any time: Go where you need to go. Access all Cisco Jabber features from your mobile, including video conferencing, with the same ease of use found on the desktop.

Communicate from Microsoft Office: Access Cisco Jabber directly from Microsoft Office applications. Easily click to start chat, voice or video calls, or multiple conferences.

Available for devices:


iPhone and iPad



Team messaging mode

The team’s messaging mode for Cisco Jabber improves the way you connect and do things on small teams. This new implementation option provides a central set of Webex Teams messaging features from the cloud while maintaining call services at the facility.

Now you have:

  • persistent one-to-one chats and team spaces,
  • a new experience of presence,
  • advanced file sharing capabilities and
  • a powerful way to search your Jabber application, while maintaining advanced call features.

We use the Webex extendable platform to integrate with our existing solutions and offer unique combined experiences. Our IT managers can now provide new solutions in the cloud while continuing to take advantage of their local managed call services. Customers will also have the added benefit of native interoperability between the messaging mode of the team messaging team Jabber and the Webex teams, since they take advantage of the same platform in the cloud. This can reduce the burden on your organization if it is moving from Jabber to Team. Unlike other providers, we are focused on productive user workflows through the evolution of the cloud. As you move your message to the cloud, your organization will also benefit from the enhanced security provided by the Webex platform. The computer messaging mode includes end-to-end encryption for all messages and files sent. It has a secure search that keeps the search terms and results protected, and provides blocking and moderation controls for your spaces. See the new features, included in the messaging mode of the team:

Active controls

Our goal is to provide an excellent meeting experience, no matter how you join a meeting. We continue to move towards that goal with active controls for Jabber users.

The new controls give you:

  • more control over your meetings with a list of meetings,
  • controls of participants,
  • custom designs and
  • a new shared experience.

These new features are available to Cisco Meeting Server customers, and we will continue to implement them in other types of meetings in future releases. Meeting Server users now have the basic functionality they need to host and use Jabber as their main meeting client. Here is a quick look at the active controls within Jabber:

Additional features of Jabber 12.5    

  • Simplified configuration process: no more editing and manual loading of the Jabber XML configuration file. You can now manage the settings using the Unified Communications Manager web interface. In the new interface, you can assign configurations to a group of users or device types.
  • Cisco Headset Management: The Jabber application will now automatically incorporate the updated firmware into your Cisco headset to keep it updated easily.
  •   Media Routing Optimization: Jabber 12.5 now supports SIP ICE. ICE provides media routing optimization.
  • Updated user experience: Jabber continues to have a modern design and a user experience. In Jabber 12.5 we are launching an updated design and better alignment with the rest of the Cisco Collaboration portfolio.

For existing Jabber users, upgrade your software to 12.5 or visit the app store for your mobile device.

SOLUTEL. Video Álvaro Almadana. The value of the IT integrator. Premier Partner CISCO

SOLUTEL. Video Álvaro Almadana. The value of the IT integrator. Premier Partner CISCO

We continue with the series of short videos of SOLUTEL where we give you to know the concerns that the clients show us through each one of us. “SOLUTEL, the value of the IT integrator” is the video that we present today.

Mainly, in this video Alvaro Almadana, presents the value that the IT integrator contributes to the network infrastructure. Words such as mobility, cloud, cybersecurity, data protection … are concepts that our colleague Álvaro Alamadana puts into play in this video along with the importance of a specialized support that is close to the client.

As you know, Solutel as a Premier Partner of CISCO, defines clear processes and puts at your disposal qualified personnel so that the implemented solutions are perceived by our clients as a value bet for your business.




Finally, we took the opportunity to comment that this video was recorded from the Solutel headquarters and Álvaro was in a delegation. You can appreciate the video quality of the 55-inch SparkBoard equipment and the audio quality in the video call.

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Meraki Unboxing

Unboxing Meraki MV12 Camera and MX67c Firewall

Unboxing Meraki MV12 Camera and MX67c Firewall

In this article we will see the use of Cisco Meraki technology in the company and its more practical applications with our Consultants Jonathan Gómez and Ignacio Marco, who reveal the first impressions.

Meraki MV12 camera

Hardware characteristics

Built-in high-strength solid state storage of 256 GB

1080p video recording with H.264 encoding

73 ° horizontal field of view (FOV)

802.11ac wireless


Industry-leading chipset for advanced analytics

An industry-leading processor allows advanced on-board analysis functionality

Compact and functional design.

Attractive and useful design that is combined with any space.

Compact form factor

Granular access controls

Control who can see live and historical images.

Limit access to video export

Grant viewing access to individual cameras or device labels

Cloud management

Visibility and control throughout the network.

Local or remote transmission: the cloud automatically routes video streaming

Create and organize video walls.

Export video clips to a link to share or download


FireWall MX67c


State firewall performance: 450 Mbps

Recommended maximum customers: 50

Small Form Factor

Centralized management based on the cloud.

Managed centrally through the web.

Classify applications, users and devices.

Implementations of zero-touch self-provisioning

Networks and security

Firewall with status

Auto VPN ™ site-to-site VPN autoconfiguration

Active Directory integration

Identity-based policies Client VPN (IPsec)

Failover 3G / 4G via CAT 6 LTE or USB modem

Traffic modeling and application management.

Layer 7 application visibility and traffic configuration

Application prioritization

Advanced security services 1

Content filtering

Google SafeSearch and YouTube for schools

Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS / IPS)

Advanced protection against malware (AMP)

Cisco Threat Grid 2

1 Requires advanced security license

2 Requires subscription to the Threat Grid cloud (more information)

More information

Camara Meraki MV12   

Cisco MX67c 


SD-WAN Meraki

What is SD-WAN?

Within the new technologies, in particular SD-WAN is causing a great impact in all companies as it leads to an evolution in WAN communications that did not happen for years.

What is SD-WAN?

It is the WAN defined by software. It is a new approach to network connectivity that reduces operational costs and improves the use of resources for multisede deployments. It allows network administrators to use bandwidth more efficiently and ensure the highest level of performance for critical applications without sacrificing data security or privacy.

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a set of functions designed to allow the network to dynamically adjust to changing WAN conditions without the need for manual intervention by the network administrator. By providing detailed control of how different types of traffic respond to changes in WAN availability and performance, SD-WAN can ensure optimal performance for critical applications and help avoid highly sensitive performance-aware traffic interruptions, such as VoIP.


Therefore, what does SD-WAN offer?

In response to this question comment that allows administrators to maximize the flexibility of the network and the efficiency of bandwidth. Operating costs are reduced and the time allocated to the administration of bandwidth. Simplify WAN management

As it does?

In this publication we are going to focus on Meraki SD-WAN. The implementation of Meraki SD-WAN consists of several key features, built on AutoVPN technology. Connect remote delegations securely, without the tedious manual configuration of VPN. Leveraging the power of the cloud, Meraki MX Security Appliances configures, monitors and maintains your VPN so you do not have to. Intuitive and scalable VPN solution for connecting remote sites with AutoVPN ease. For more information on AutoVPN technology: https://meraki.cisco.com/technologies/auto-vpn

Why choose SD-WAN?

As in previous occasions we have already commented, IT departments have limited budgets, they have to do more with less, manage multiple sites, clients, devices, applications, deal with the high cost of corporate WAN connectivity with dedicated access …

With SD-WAN the remote delegations are connected through low-cost internet access, for example by local ADSL, but guaranteed by VPN. The reliability similar to MPLS is provided through multiple uplinks with capabilities of:

  • Traffic distribution and load balancing, intelligent route control (chosen by application based on loss, latency and instability) and automatic failover.
  • Visibility and control of centralized network, QoS and bandwidth management.
  • Policy-based routing: assigned traffic path based on the source, destination or application.


If you want more information or ask us a question

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SD-WAN functions


Active double VPN uplinks:

In addition to supporting dual WAN uplinks and automatic VPN failover, the MX also has the ability to build multiple VPN tunnels that are active simultaneously on both uplinks, whether they are Internet or MPLS connections.

Traffic can be balanced in the load through these tunnels to make optimal use of the available bandwidth.

Policy-based routing (PbR):

The PbR functionality allows administrators to assign traffic to a particular VPN route based on criteria such as traffic protocol, source, destination or application.

Dynamic route selection:

Dynamic route selection allows administrators to set performance thresholds for different types of traffic, to ensure that critical applications and data transfers always use the best route based on loss, latency, and instability over them. VPN tunnels available.


  • Operating costs are reduced and the time allocated to the administration of bandwidth.
  • Independent transportation It allows to establish independent transports that allow to reduce the costs and increase the bandwidth.
  • Application optimization It offers an optimal user experience for SaaS applications and extends infallibly in the public cloud.
  • Control of the network. It provides end-to-end segmentation to protect computing resources vital for businesses.
  • Secure connectivity
  • It makes it possible to meet SLAs in critical business applications.

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mcalcocer levels support solutel

SOLUTEL. Video Mª Cruz Alcocer. CISCO network support | MERAKI

SOLUTEL. Video Mª Cruz Alcocer. CISCO network support | MERAKI

SContinuing with our series of short videos where each of us who form Solutel collect the concerns that customers show us, in this publication “CISCO | MERAKI network support”, we present the different levels of SOLUTEL support for networks with any architecture CISCO | MERAKI

In the previous video, our colleague Jonathan Gómez told us about the concerns of companies regarding the issue of cybersecurity and how it has become a concern for everyone in companies. With our video presentation of the different nives of “SOLUTEL Support” we want to transmit the support and support that SOLUTEL brings to the IT department in all the architectures of CISCO | Meraki to mitigate concerns at the network infrastructure level.


Who is it for?

Clients with CISCO / Meraki network infrastructure:

Routing / Switching       Cybersecurity       Mobility / Wireless       API VOICE / Collaboration       ContactCenter         Telepresence                 DataCenter

What kind of support do you need?

  • REPAIR rate

Something that works in my network and stops working


Basic changes

  • Rate HOURS

Other requests

  • PREMIUM rate

See PDF explaining the different levels: Servicios soporte SOLUTEL

If you want more information or ask us a question

Do not hesitate, ask us!


More information about SOLUTEL:

First of all we highlight our main certification is CISCO Premier Certified Partner and secondly we are proud of our Customer Satisfaction Excellence 2017

Then we detail our specializations in CISCO:










In conclusion, the activity of Solutel is summarized as a service and technology provider in the form of solutions for networking projects with the entire CISCO portfolio in the business market.


Jonathan Gomez. Seguridad

SOLUTEL. The technological security

We have created a series of short videos where each of us who form Solutel collect the concerns that our customers show us. “SOLUTEL, technological security.”

In this video Jonathan Gómez, gives us to know the concerns of the companies regarding the issue of cybersecurity. IT security is a concern for everyone in companies.

If you want more information or ask us a question

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Other published security notices:

A lot of my processes and my data go outside my corporate network. CISCO UMBRELLA

Cisco Meraki MX65W more than a firewall


More information about SOLUTEL:

First of all we highlight our main certification is CISCO Premier Certified Partner and secondly we are proud of our Customer Satisfaction Excellence 2017

Then we detail our specializations in CISCO:










In conclusion, the activity of Solutel is summarized as a service and technology provider in the form of solutions for networking projects with the entire CISCO portfolio in the business market.



Administration of network security policies. CISCO ISE

Administration of network security policies. Cisco Identity Services Engine (CISCO ISE)

CISCO ISE is a policy server that allows us to manage access to a corporate network to all types of users who want to enter the network with a variety of devices from laptops or desktops to iPads and smartphones. In other words, the devices can be wired, wireless and even remote access through VPN.

Cisco Identity Services Engine (CISCO ISE) performs the functions analogous to those of a security guard of the company, who is at the entrance of the organization and reviews the authorization of the staff or visitor who wants to enter the company.


What is CISCO ISE?

ISE is a centralized policy control solution that by means of the user’s radius authentication and the integration with LDAP user directories, allows access to the network only to authorized users and can apply policies by user profiles to authorize access to network services appropriate to the profile to which it belongs.

This solution also allows to identify the type of device that the user uses to enter the network and thus apply a policy according to this, allowing the use of other personal devices of the employees, providing them with greater job satisfaction. Identify user and device.


Other cases of USE: Guest network

Another of the ISE use cases is the access to the guest network, where there are different ways to manage access to the network of this type of users. You can enable zones in the company type hotspot where guests connect to the Wi-Fi network only accepting a policy of use to access the Internet. Another way is through a prior authorization to enter the guest network, and once this is done, their credentials are sent to these users by means of message, mail …

Increase visibility, control access and contain threats

Obtain a security policy management platform that automates and applies context sensitive security to access network resources. Identity Services Engine offers superior visibility of users and devices to support business mobility experiences and control access. Share data with integrated partner solutions to accelerate your identification, mitigation and threat correction capabilities.

Characteristics and functionalities

Identity Services Engine helps IT professionals overcome business mobility challenges and protect the evolving network throughout the attack sequence. It provides various functionalities, some of which are indicated below.

  • Simplify the experience of temporary users:

to facilitate its integration and administration. Use the portals for temporary users of the product’s desktop and mobile devices, which can be easily customized with your brand, to provide access in just minutes. Visual and dynamic engine workflows allow you to fully manage every aspect of temporary user access.

  • Streamline the BYOD trend and business mobility

through a simple and automated configuration for the integration and administration of self-service devices. Identity Services Engine includes an internal certification authority, support for Active Directory multibosque and integrated business mobility management (EMM) software for partners.

  • Centralize and unify the administration of network access policies to provide uniform and highly secure access

to the end users, whether they connect to their network through a wired, wireless or VPN connection.

  • Get more visibility and more accurate device identification.

The superior device profiling functionality and Identity Services Engine’s zero-day profile delivery service provide updated profiles for the most advanced devices. Together, these two features help reduce the number of unknown terminals (and potential threats) in your network.

  • Implement software-defined segmentation based on business functions

using Cisco TrustSec technology integrated in the existing infrastructure. Use Identity Services Engine to create flexible access control policies based on functions that dynamically segment access without adding complexity. The classification of traffic is based on the identity of the terminals, which can enable changes in the policy without redesigning the network. With support for 250,000 simultaneous active terminals, and up to 1 000 000 registered devices, our product allows companies to accelerate mobility projects throughout the extended network.

In summary, ISE allows greater visibility and control over who, how, where and when it enters our corporate network, reducing the risk of misuse of network resources and quickly identifying the location of a user in the event of an incident security.

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protect your company's Wi-Fi network

Basic tips to protect your company’s Wi-Fi network

How to protect the wifi network of your company?

More than 30% of the devices that connect to corporate wireless networks do not have any method of protection. Are you aware of the risk to which your entire network is subject?

At present, it is no longer easy to find a place where there is no WiFi coverage, either public or private.

When a company allows open wireless connectivity to employees, customers or any external visitor, the potential attack field expands exponentially because different users and devices have access to the network.

It is very likely that many of the expectations of your employees and customers regarding wireless connectivity in your business are increasing, demanding access to a Wi-Fi network to access information in real time anytime and anywhere. This has great benefits in efficiency and productivity, but at the same time it represents important challenges, especially in terms of cybersecurity.


The advantages of having a secure WiFi network

  • We do not need to connect to a cable that we previously had to pass through the walls.
  • We are connected in any corner of the office. It allows access to network resources from any location within the coverage area of ​​the wireless network.
  • They are economical and their use is widespread.
  • You can easily expand the network where and as needed.
  • Wireless Internet access and company resources help your staff to be more productive and collaborative.
  • The installation of connectivity devices is faster and more cost effective than in a wired network.

Basic tips, How to protect the Wi-Fi network of your company?


Networks have become a basic part of doing business, so the planning of your business’s cybersecurity is as important as sales and marketing. Next, I share four factors that a company should consider when configuring a WiFi network in a secure way:

    • Do not leave access to your WiFi network open.

      It is recommended that a network be configured with a service set identifier (SSID), a unique identification consisting of 32 characters and used to name wireless networks. This allows you to generate multiple wireless networks that have different accesses, for example: a dedicated network for visitors that is different from your employees’ network. When multiple wireless networks are used in a certain location, the SSIDs ensure that the data is sent to the correct destination.

    • Use a RADIUS server

      It is recommended to use RADIUS server for the authentication and authorization of LDAP users, for a better management of the users, to keep a detailed record of access to the Wi-Fi network, privileges, access levels, filters, etc. customized for each employee. Avoiding the use of shared keys.

    • Use an initial connection page.

       In it you can indicate the conditions of access and request compliance to them. If you have a constant flow of external visitors that need access to the Wi-Fi network, such as hotels, it is advisable to have a mini portal or website where you post your access policies to the local guest network, through which they must connect first before connecting to the network. It includes a button of agreement, listing the terms and conditions that must be met before the guests can connect to the network. This provides some protection if a guest violates your company’s policies. It is also a good idea to apply content filtering policies to prevent someone from visiting inappropriate or malicious sites.

    • Limit the time of access to the network.

      Provide records that expire in a specific period (hours, days …) taking into account the particularities of your business and your security policies. Network administrators can limit the time of access to the guest network.

    • Educate your employees in safe uses.

      Do not assume that cyber attacks to the network can only come from external users or visitors to your business. Your employees can create security vulnerabilities accidentally, so it is critical to establish security policies and educate your colleagues about safe practices for the use of wireless networks.


There are more security tips, such as the use of ISE: that among other benefits we emphasize the ability to centralize and unify a highly secure access control based on the business role to provide a uniform policy of access to the network to end users, through connection wired, wireless or VPN.






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