ARCO Rights

Through art. 12 are established by the RGPD the general conditions in which the rights of the interested party must be given, in relation to the forms established in recital 59 that:

the person in charge must provide the interested party with means so that the requests are submitted electronically, especially when said treatment is carried out by said means. In addition, an electronic response must be given if the request is made through them, unless the interested party states otherwise.

By means of the following forms, if you ARE A REGISTERED USER you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition of the personal data that SOLUTEL (website) keeps on your server. The process is automatic in most cases and in others it requires the intervention of our data operator.

If you are NOT a REGISTERED USER and you want to cancel your subscription to one of our mailing lists, please click on the following button.

access to your data

Enter your email below to request a copy of your information. If you have already logged in on the website, simply click on the “download my data” button.

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delete your data

Enter your email below to request the deletion of your data. If you have already logged in on the website simply click on the “Close my account” button.

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The removal of your data from our website entails the loss of your user account, as well as the loss of all information regarding your account, personal data, comments or interactions with the website. If you are sure you want to delete your data and

Rectify your personal data

SOLUTEL puts at your disposal a simple way to rectify your data. This process is semi-automatic and consists of two stages. In the first stage you fill in and send the form below, after receiving a confirmation email our data controller will comply with your request and, once it has been solved, you will receive a new confirmation email with the results .

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If you wish to make a complaint or leave a complaint regarding the processing of your data on this website, you can use the following form. Your complaint will be placed “on hold” while our data operator is responsible for processing your request, once you have received a confirmation email.

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