Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams integration

Cisco and Microsoft announce an alliance to simplify interoperability between Cisco Webex, Telepresence Endpoints and IP telephony with Microsoft Teams.

Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams integration

See how easy it is to join a Microsoft Teams meeting from a Webex video device. Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams integration:

See Video Integration Webex Meetings and Microsoft Teams

As a result of the CISCO strategy of these last years of standardization and interoperability among different manufacturers, this alliance emerges.

The announcement contemplates two interoperability scenarios between Cisco Webex Devices and MS Teams Meetings:

Video Interoperability in the Cloud (CVI)

Allows Cisco Webex devices to connect to Microsoft Teams meeting services. Cisco Webex will present an interoperability solution that will be certified as a Microsoft Cloud Video Interop (CVI) solution. This will allow Cisco Webex and third-party SIP devices to join Microsoft Teams meetings with a simple and intuitive interoperability experience.

All this will benefit customers who have requested that Cisco and Microsoft provide an interoperability solution to allow their Cisco video devices to join Microsoft team meetings in a smooth manner.

Direct access from Meetings video devices, both from Webex and Microsoft

Cisco and Microsoft are working together on a new approach that allows room devices to connect to third-party meeting services through integrated web technologies.

Therefore, Cisco and Microsoft will enable a direct linking capability from their videoconferencing devices to the Webex Meetings and Microsoft Teams meeting services.

This capability will be compatible with the latest generations of Cisco Webex Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms devices.

Intended for early 2020.

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See announcement made by Microsoft


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Cognitive Collaboration? The work space revolution


cisco webex contact center

Cisco Webex Contact Center options

Cisco Webex Contact Center options

Cisco offers three types of solutions for Contact Center, deployed in its facilities, hosted or in the cloud.

In this article we are going to focus on the solution in the CISCO WEBEX CONTACT CENTER bube. Powerful contact center in the cloud, 100% native, offered as a service for companies of all sizes.

Webex Contact Center is a native cloud service that offers comprehensive contact center solutions based on Cisco cloud infrastructure analysis.

Whether it’s a small business that sets up its first call center, a medium-sized or multi-site contact center, etc …, Cisco Webex Contact Center has what it needs.
This subscription is available for the concurrent Agent purchase model. A subscription covers software and technical support for the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan Contact Center.

Cisco Webex Contact Center is available in two types of agents that can be combined according to the selected agent model:
Standard: provides essential functionality for voice-only call centers with typical or sophisticated needs. Includes browser-based agent desk, incoming and outgoing voice, call recording, touch tone IVR, web and voice callbacks, and standard CRM connectors and tickets.


  1.  Standard: Provides essential functionality for voice-only call centers with typical or sophisticated needs. Includes browser-based agent desk, incoming and outgoing voice, call recording, touch tone IVR, web and voice callbacks, and standard CRM connectors and tickets.
  2. Premium: Includes all standard features and adds omnichannel communication such as chat and email, multichannel reports and analysis, and supervision and supervision of supervisors for all types of agents.

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Features of Webex Contact Center Standard and Webex Contact Center Premium:

Cloud Agent PlatformDescription
Webex Contact CenterWebex Contact Center is a native-cloud service that delivers comprehensive, analytics-driven contact center solutions from Cisco’s cloud infrastructure.
Inbound and Outbound VoiceIncludedIncluded
Intelligent skills based routing & queuingIncludedIncluded
Browser based agent desktopIncludedIncluded
Standard & customizable reportingIncludedIncluded
Touch-tone IVR (2 ports per agent)IncludedIncluded
Voice callback1IncludedIncluded
Web callback1IncludedIncluded
Basic outbound (preview dialing)2IncludedIncluded
Call recording (one month)IncludedIncluded
Real-Time and Historical Reports Data StorageIncludedIncluded
Standard CRM connectorsIncludedIncluded
Cloud Context ServiceIncludedIncluded
Advanced outbound (progressive dialing)2Not IncludedIncluded
Multi-channel reporting and analyticsNot IncludedIncluded
Email & Web chat mediaNot IncludedIncluded
Supervisor privileges (monitoring, barge-in & coaching of all agents)Not IncludedIncluded
Speech Enabled IVROptionalOptional
Additional Recording StorageOptionalOptional
Campaign Management (outbound campaigns)OptionalOptional
Quality ManagementOptionalOptional
Workforce ManagementOptionalOptional
WFO Analytics[1]OptionalOptional
WFO Analytics with Transcription3OptionalOptional
WFO Bundle[2]OptionalOptional
1 May require services
2 May require Campaign Management software (predictive not available with Customer Journey Platform currently)
[1] Workforce Bundle can not be mixed with A la carte Quality Management, Workforce Management, WFO Analytics, and WFO Analytics with Transcription
[2] Workforce Bundle can not be mixed with A la carte Quality Management, Workforce Management, WFO Analytics, and WFO Analytics with Transcription
NOTE: Workforce Optimization services will be billed for all the Customer Journey Platform Named Agents.


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CISCO Webex Contact Center

CISCO Collaboration Flex® Plan. Does your company need solutions for … Videoconferencing? Team collaboration? Calls? Contact Center?


cisco webex contact center

CISCO Webex Contact Center

CISCO Webex Contact Center
An agile and high performance contact center focused on customer experience.

Customer experience is becoming a strategic imperative for how companies compete and differentiate their brands. At the same time, customers want to communicate in a wide variety of ways (voice, email, text, chat and social media), which makes it difficult for contact centers to manage all these channels and distribute customers to customers. adequate resources

These channels often are isolated in the way that reach the contact center, leaving agents frustrated by having to deal with several different applications and dissatisfied customers leave because of fragmented and impersonal experiences. What happens when you use leading technology to create a cognitive contact center? Get effective customer information, predictive and proactive customer experiences, and integrating seamlessly with the rest of his organización.Con resources and appropriate solutions, the contact center can make their way to an increase in positive business results.


Challenges of a Contact Center from the client’s point of view:

When it comes to improving the customer experience, it is important to find solutions that address the biggest concerns of your customers, the most common challenges are:

  • Fragmented and disconnected experiences
  • Slow troubleshooting
  • Long waiting times
  • Ineffective agents lacking knowledge and experience
  • Lack of contact options (e.g., chat, phone, email)
  • Impersonal conversations

Challenges of a Contact Center from the agent’s point of view:

When addressing these problems / challenges, we must bear in mind that the contact center agents also have their own set of weaknesses that prevent them from doing their job in the best possible way:

  • They are saturated by a lot of information.
  • They cannot find the right information to solve a customer problem the first time.
  • They do not know enough about customers to serve them in a personalized way.
  • They are using too many applications and systems.
  • They strive to get answers from experts in real time.
  • They want to obtain professional satisfaction and the balance between work and life.

The solution: Webex Contact Center – cognitive contact center

A cognitive contact center has the intelligence integrated into each part of the client and agent experience.

It involves improving the customer experience and optimizing performance with dynamic and predictive analysis. As it does? leverage data in multiple contact center systems and apply predictive analysis, Cisco® Webex Contact Center dynamically predicts the needs of each customer and compares it with the best agent to handle that need, improving performance, sales and customer experience . Contact Center is a unified omnichannel contact center solution that is centrally managed and managed from the cloud to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

At Cisco, we are using technology to transform those experiences from the inside out.

  • Powerful analysis of data in the cloud that helps you learn more about your customers
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) that adds context, makes suggestions and creates predictive and proactive experiences for its clients.
  • Integrated collaboration so that your agents can reach experts quickly and easily to improve resolution at first contact

Capabilities for today’s cloud-based contact center:

cisco webex contact center

cisco webex contact center


Cisco contact center and contact management solutions offer innovative features:

  • Omnicanal
  • Call routing based on predictive analysis
  • Collaboration and communication with experts
  • Integrations with CRM
  • 360 degree analysis of customer journey
  • Staff Optimization
  • External campaigns

Do you want more information about Webex Contact Center?

Do not hesitate, ask us!

How your organization benefits:

  • Agents are happier and more productive when they have the tools, resources and customer stories that help them succeed in their work.
  • Agents have access to the context and subject matter experts whenever they need help.
  • Clients are held at risk when they can predict their needs and connect them with the best retention agents.
  • Operational efficiency is improved as call loads are balanced in locations and agents, regardless of geography.
  • The costs are lower when the infrastructure of the contact center is moved to the cloud.
    Agents can offer proactive and predictive customer experiences, which makes the contact center a strategic center for building deeper and more profitable relationships with their customers.

What benefits does the customer get:

  • They receive a faster, better and more proactive service.
  • They feel understood by their agents.
  • They have an experience without problems, transfers or long waiting times.
  • Their needs are predicted and they connect with the best agent.
  • Your problems are resolved at the first contact, without the need for a callback.


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CISCO Collaboration Flex® Plan. Does your company need solutions for … Videoconferencing? Team collaboration? Calls? Contact Center?





Cisco Live 2020 Barcelona

CISCO LIVE 2020. Barcelona January 27-31. Do not miss it!

CISCO LIVE 2020. Barcelona January 27-31. Do not miss it!

Solutel will be present at CISCO LIVE 2020. Barcelona January 27-31.

This event presents you with a unique opportunity to acquire cutting-edge knowledge and skills about the technologies you already use and which you will trust in the future. Cisco Live will inspire you and help you do your best.

The Meet the Engineer program gives you the opportunity to interact with a Cisco engineer in a 1: 1 conversation focused on your unique questions and challenges. More than 300 Cisco engineers and experts will be available to meet!

Interested in attending CISCO Live in Barcelona?

Do not hesitate, ask us!

He wants to learn?

Immerse yourself in five days of sessions, hands-on training and 1: 1 meetings. Learn about Cisco products, technologies and services to help you increase your success. Validate your skills with a free Cisco certification exam.

Do you want to connect?

Take the time to meet with Cisco engineers and Cisco CX Global Center service experts to discuss your unique technical or business questions and challenges. Connect with other attendees around the world to share ideas.

Want to explore?

The World of Solutions is the energy hub of Cisco Live. Explore Cisco Showcase, Partner Villages, Technical Solutions Clinics, more than 120 partners, DevNet Zone and more.



Fira Barcelona

Fira Gran Via (North Access)
C/ Foc, 37
08038 Barcelona, Spain

Cognitive Collaboration? The work space revolution

CISCO Cognitive Collaboration:

There is a new concept in CISCO that is very important that we know: Cognitive Collaboration or Cognitive Workplace. This new concept will allow us to create more human connections.

Imagine in a meeting with several people, in face-to-face format and videoconference, what do we know about these people? Their names? Work experience? Current position? Company where you work? People in common?… Prior knowledge of this information helps foster connections between people, have a more humane relationship that translates into greater involvement in the project for the benefit of your business.

“digital assistants, facial recognition, information on the profiles of people and companies in meetings, noise suppression and audio transcriptions”


Different time zones, workplaces and applications … teamwork today is complex. #Webex presents the new way of collaborating in organizations that integrate information from people, relationship intelligence, artificial intelligence and business processes. Create high performance teams and improve customer experiences with artificial intelligence, to foster connections between more personalized people, more human connectivity.

One of the most important concepts is the ability to obtain instant information (insights) in time to get to know the people in the meeting better, connect emotionally with the participants making the meetings more productive.

How will cognitive collaboration improve my way of working?

For example, cognitive collaboration provides relationship intelligence that gives us information such as biographies, work history, titles and report structure, and facial recognition provides name tags at the meeting to help you know who is who in the room. Digital assistants help us easily perform tasks related to collaboration, such as joining a meeting, calling a contact and recording a call, and can communicate proactively when a meeting is about to begin. Cognitive collaboration extends through the collaboration platform, so that, whether you are in a meeting using conference devices, collaborating in a team space or making a call, you will have the information just in time that you need to Take your collaborative efforts to the next level of your business.

For what Cognitive Collaboration?

To improve business results.

The combination of artificial intelligence (AI) with cloud communications and multiple sources of business information allows people to work together with greater context.

Cognitive Collaboration:

  • Eliminate friction points
  • Create greater relevance to achieve greater efficiency
  • Improve productivity
  • Inspire innovation
  • Create more experiences that captivate customers

It describes a fundamental change in the way people work together and leverage technology to foster human relationships, build better experiences for customers and, ultimately, achieve team goals faster.

How does cognitive collaboration work?

By combining natural language processing, artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms in hardware, software and cloud analysis, users receive contextual information throughout their commercial communications. This approach allows advanced capabilities such as digital assistants, facial recognition, profiles of people and companies in meetings, noise suppression and audio transcriptions.

Do you want to know more about Cognitive Collaboration?

Do not hesitate, ask us!

Fundamental aspects of Cognitive Collaboration

Context of the people

  • Offers relevant information about people’s profiles and actions
  • Create stronger relationships

Business Workflows

  • Prevent based on previous actions
  • Recommend, identify and anticipate
  • Improve processes, experiences and results

Information Insights

  • Learn from user profiles, feedback, responses, preferences and interactions
  • Offers relevant information to reduce the difference in productivity

Intelligence in the workplace

  • Makes collaboration more intuitive
  • It adapts to different types of users, interactions and meetings
  • Accelerate decision making

What do we get with Cognitive Collaboration?

We managed to improve business results, let’s see how:

  • Efficiency in the processes:
    • Automate tasks and events
    • Optimize workflows
    • Deepen knowledge and eliminate barriers
  • Staff productivity:
    • Provide the necessary context for interactions
    • Improve collaboration
    • Increase employee productivity
  • Customer Experience:
    • Boosts the contact center of reactive care to predictive
    • Enable agents with context to improve resolutions on first contact
    • It improves the customer’s route and the value of the useful life
  • Competitive advantage:
    • Accelerate communications and business processes
    • Improve responsiveness
    • Promotes interactions with customers

Check out the future of collaboration here



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collaboration saas

SOLUTEL obtains “CISCO Collaboration SaaS Authorization”

SOLUTEL obtains “CISCO Collaboration SaaS Authorization”

What does it contribute to our customers?

CISCO Collaboration SaaS Authorization certifies Solutel’s ability to design and implement Cisco cloud-based collaboration solutions and their subsequent support and maintenance.

Comunidado de CISCO:

Congratulations to SOLUTEL for complying with all the requirements and criteria of the Authorization program necessary to obtain the designation of the Cisco Collaboration SaaS Authorization Partner in SPAIN.

SOLUTEL has met the rigorous levels of Cisco certified personnel required for a SaaS Collaboration Authorization Partner. This helps ensure that SOLUTEL sales and support organizations are better prepared to design, quote, implement and adequately support the best Webex meeting solution for any customer.

This is an exceptional achievement for SOLUTEL and demonstrates its desire to develop experience in this market. SOLUTEL and the Cisco account management team will continue to work together to develop and improve our mutual capabilities to support SOLUTEL and its customers.
In recognition of this achievement, Cisco will recognize that your company has achieved this Authorization designation in the Cisco Partner Locator.

This qualification for the Collaboration SaaS Authorization program is due for renewal on September 12, 2020.

Cisco values the commitment and expertise that SOLUTEL has demonstrated and looks forward to working together.”

SaaS Collaboration Authorization demonstrates the ability to sell Cisco cloud-based collaboration solutions to customers.

Do you want to know more about CISCO Collaboration SaaS?

Do not hesitate, ask us!

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Cisco Webex Calling, a cloud-based telephone system.



EVA Enterprise Voice Assistant

Taking note at meetings is a thing of the past. “EVA” the new Business Voice Assistant.

Taking note at meetings is a thing of the past

CISCO presents “EVA” with the new Business Voice Assistant that will allow us to take notes and transcripts at our meetings. It is about the acquisition of Voicea.

How many times have notes been taken at a meeting and never sent to the team involved?

In meetings, how many times do not take notes?

How many times have you been actively participating in taking notes at the meeting?

Voicea provides a voice collaboration platform with Enterprise Voice Assistant (EVA) technology.


What is EVA?

EVA is a powerful transcription service that combines artificial intelligence and automated voice recognition (ASR). This allows you to give commands, perform actions and capture highlights in meetings, share them and create accessible summaries of the meeting. “EVA” the new Business Voice Assistant.

Use EVA in your conference calls, direct calls and meetings in person and you can concentrate on the conversation knowing that EVA will capture and share what stands out.

EVA uses voice commands to create reminders, tasks, answer questions and provide meeting summaries. For example, say “Ok EVA, remind me to send the presentation to Juan, Thursday at 4 p.m.” and EVA enters your calendar to create a reminder.

Voicea is the leader in the development of a voice assistant for exclusive use at work, customized according to your needs to increase productivity and improve team collaboration.

With EVA at their meetings, participants can focus on the conversation and ensure that their team has all the information they need to move forward quickly at the end of the meeting. 






Easy to use:

Add as a meeting attendee or synchronize your calendar and EVA will automatically join any meeting with a dial. You can also open the mobile application and start a recording for meetings in person.

Voicea connects what happens in your meetings with the rest of your collaborative workflow, sending notes and action items through email, Slack, Salesforce and using basic voice commands to execute specific actions.

EVA will automatically send you a summary of the meeting after each meeting, or you can send the highlights of the meeting directly to Webex Teams. EVA captures the main conclusions and highlights of the meetings.


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Why should you use Cisco WebEx Meetings?

On July 27, the new Webex Meetings and Events experience arrives

IoT network

5G – Advantages

Robbins, CEO of Cisco: “There is no exaggeration with 5G, it’s an incredible leap”

It promises dramatically improved performance for mobile workers and businesses.

Improves speed, latency and consumption.


What is 5G?

The term 5G refers to the fifth generation mobile network. It presents a new improved technology of the current 4G / LTE, mainly in terms of speed, latency and consumption.
It is a new way of using mobile devices. It offers advantages such as higher connection speed and greater autonomy in the device, despite causing greater performance.While the maximum speed of 4G technology is only 1 Gbps, the International Telecommunications Union has set the speed of 5G to a standard of up to 10Gbps, higher than the fiber optic speed.In short, 5G is the new generation of mobile data.As we have co-emulated, the speed of 5G promises to be much higher than the 4G mobile network and 100 times higher than today’s wireless systems, this is a total revolution in the well-known IoT Internet of things: keep everything connected to your phone ( the house, sanitary services, cars, machines, appliances …)

Another of the numerous advantages of 5G is the reduction of latency. The transfer time of a data packet will be reduced, this latency being between 1 and 4 milliseconds. Communication will be immediate, as will downloading files. 5G technology will be fast, mobile and secure.

Speed (Mbps)200120010000
Latency (milliseconds)100201-4

Speed ​​and latency also favor better connectivity from more places, as well as the connection of multiple devices simultaneously. MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) technology allows us to transfer more data between devices in the same space. This means that if we add more antennas, we can transport more data packets at the same time. That is, a higher transfer rate at the same time. It is what the 5G proposes; Up to 100 more devices connected per area unit compared to 4G and LTE networks.

Lower latency allows to improve the performance of commercial applications and other digital experiences such as online games, videoconferences and cars with autopilot …

While previous generations such as 4G LTE aimed to ensure connectivity, 5G technology takes connectivity to the next level by offering connected cloud experiences to customers. 5G networks are virtualized and run through software, and take advantage of cloud technologies.

The 5G architectures will be software-defined platforms, where network functionality is managed through software rather than through hardware. Advances in virtualization, cloud-based technologies and automation of IT and commercial processes allow the 5G architecture to be agile and flexible and provide user access anytime, anywhere.

5G and Wifi6 will be implemented together in the company

For the IT department of companies, it will be a challenge to manage these access technologies separately, and it will be a priority to have them as integrated systems, with unified policies, security and analysis.

Users and devices should move between 5G and Wi-Fi 6 systems, and the IT manager will want the experience to be perfect and easy to manage at scale.

The 5G network will also simplify mobility, with open roaming capabilities without problems between the cell phone and Wi-Fi access. Mobile users can remain connected while traveling through external wireless connections and wireless networks within the premises without user intervention or the need to have to authenticate again.


Powerx 5G Cisco

Cisco is implementing a cloud-to-customer approach to 5G, unifying multi-vendor solutions into a unique standards-based architecture. It covers multiple clouds, IP routing, 5G core, perimeter service, access networks, IoT and security. It offers the technology you need, where you need it, so you can maintain, and even exceed, what your customers want.


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Cisco Webex Calling, a cloud-based telephone system.

Cisco Webex Calling

Webex Calling, a cloud-based telephone system.

For companies that have been waiting for a trusted brand to offer a multi-user cloud-based alternative available globally to their local PBX, the wait is over.

Cisco Webex® Calling offers all the features of a traditional PBX through a subscription service.

Main features Cisco Webex Calling:

  • An advanced set of business-level PBX features.
  • An enriched user experience that includes the Cisco® Webex Calling application for mobile and desktop users, integrated with the Cisco Webex Teams ™ collaboration application.
  • Support for an integrated user experience with Cisco Webex Meetings and Webex devices, including 6800, 7800 and 8800 series desk phones from Cisco IP phones and analog ATAs.
  • Delivery from a set of geo-redundant data centers distributed regionally throughout the world.
  • Service available in a growing list of countries in each region.
  • Protection of existing investment in any local Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) license, through the flexible Cisco collaboration plan.
  • A smooth migration to the cloud at your own pace, through cloud and mixed cloud support and local implementations.


PSTN connectivity

How is PSTN connectivity provided with Webex Calling ?

Webex Calling allows you to locally connect your existing PSTN service to the Webex cloud through the use of Cisco-approved gateways.

What hardware, gateway, is compatible to connect Cisco Webex calls to the PSTN ?

Webex Calling allows your client to connect your existing PSTN service to the Webex cloud through Cisco gateways. The following Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) devices are compatible with Webex Calling to connect your client’s PSTN service:

Cisco 4321, 4331, 4351, 4431, and 4451 Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISR) that use version 16.9 of the Cisco IOS® XE software (3)

Cisco Cloud Services Router 1000 Series (CSR 1000V) with virtual CUBE and Cisco IOS XE Software version 16.9 (3)

Cisco 1100 ISR with Cisco IOS XE software version 16.11

Note: CUBE call licenses are included in the Cisco Webex Calling Flex Plan license. CUBE selection requirements are governed by the needs of encryption and decryption. (The signaling and means to Cisco Webex Calling are always safe)


An example gateway and software that should be used:

For Webex calls with less than 200 users, you can use the Cisco 4321 Integrated Services Router (ISR) with the required Cisco IOS® XE software.

The 4321 ISR will support up to 40 sessions, therefore 200 users in a 1: 5 ratio. If you need more sessions, a more powerful router will be required. Here is an example bill of materials (BOM) for an ISR 4321:

4321 ISR hardware ISR4321/K9


Unified communication license for Cisco 4320 ISR SL-4320-UC-K9


Security license for cisco 4320 ISR SL-4320-SEC-K9


For environments with more than 200 users, we recommend an ISR 4331 and the required CUBE software. The 4331 ISR will manage up to 200 sessions. With a 5: 1 ratio, it can provide support for up to 1000 users. This will vary according to the client.

Are calls encrypted?

Yes, call traffic is encrypted end to end.

Can you use a gateway that supports the Webex Calling on-premise and cloud solution to support users?

Yes. One of the advantages of using a gateway to provide PSTN connectivity to cloud users is that it is an important first step in helping the client transition to the cloud at the pace that best suits their business strategy.

What are the benefits for the end customer of Webex Calling?

Customers can:
  • Transform your business by migrating to collaboration and communication solutions in the cloud.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of technology and provide a more agile and intuitive way of working.
  • Integrate innovative and reliable brand in cloud collaboration, security and solution delivery.
  • Integrate with Cisco Webex Meetings and Teams to provide an exceptional cognitive collaboration experience.
  • Migrate at your own pace and protect existing investments with the hybrid cloud options of the Flex Plan.
  • Improve global and multi-site customer service, as well as remote and mobile worker connectivity.

More information:

CISCO Flex Plan

CISCO Collaboration Flex® Plan. Does your company need solutions for … Videoconferencing? Team collaboration? Calls? Contact Center?

Collaboration Flex ® Plan – Simple. Flexible. Economic
A smarter way to get the perfect combination of collaboration services.

Does your company need solutions for … Videoconferencing? Team collaboration? Calls? Contact Center?

Flex Plan is a perfect combination of these business collaboration services in a simple way.


Are you looking for ways to reduce initial investment costs in technology?

Flex Plan allows you to manage your expenses and protect your current IT investment.


Are you concerned about your ability to meet your future collaboration needs?

Flex Plan gives you the margin that allows you to prepare for what is to come.


“Subscriptions provide better entry prices …” Source: Smarter with Gartner: Lessons learned from IT leaders who successfully switched to a SaaS-based business model. May 2018.

Get to know the Cisco Collaboration Flex® Plan:

It does not have to be complicated with multiple licensing contracts to enjoy the best experiences
collaborative You can subscribe today to what you need and add more services as you grow.
Additionally, you can add new solutions and services to your personalized collaboration portfolio and
reduce costs at the same time.

A model of collaboration solutions based on subscription licensing, for companies of all sizes.

  • It allows doing business at any time and place and increase productivity.
  • It changes the way to buy collaboration solutions, from an initial payment model for perpetual licensing, to a subscription-based model.
  • Consolidate the services you need in a single contract.


Your employees will be ready and working quickly: just pay for what you need today.
Drive future adoption and growth: expand and add services at your own pace.
Protect your investment in technology: build on your current infrastructure.
Direct the transition to the cloud in your own way: cloud and local deployments.
The OpEx budget is predictable: pay for services through a subscription and add more when you decide, without modifying the contract.

Do you want to know more about CISCO Collaboration Flex® Plan?

Do not hesitate, contact us!

What includes:

  1. Meetings. Cisco Webex Meetings.
  2. Cisco Meetings Server.
  3. Calling. Cisco Webex Calling.
  4. Teams. Cisco Webex Teams.
  5. Contact Center. Cisco Contact Center.
  6. Manager. Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
  7. Hosted Collaboration. Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions: In the cloud, local and hosted voice services.
  8. Cisco Software Support Services: Basic support included in each Flex Plan; You can also choose the Enhanced or Premium service level, with SLAs and extended services.

Automatic software updates are included.

From a few subscribers to thousands, there is a user-based Collaboration Flex Plan subscription that fits your needs.

Flex Plan Subscription Models:

Enterprise Agreements (Meetings / Calls): Maximize value, enable services for all
Active User: Pay only for what you use, maximize flexibility
Named User (Meetings / Calls): Keep initial costs low, start easily
Concurrent Agent (Contact Center). Pay only for agents connected simultaneously, with the option of attending seasonal peaks by adding agents when necessary.


More information:

Privacy Preference Center

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