Why should you use Cisco WebEx Meetings?

Cisco Webex Meetings

Why should you use Cisco WebEx Meetings?

Why should you use Cisco WebEx Meetings?

Collaborative and productive meetings through the Web

  •  Immediate online video meetings with shared screen.
  • Edit and correct documents together with your assistants.

Get all these functions:

  • Video conference
  • Share applications or your full screen
  • VoIP and direct calls to and from phones in different countries.
  • Comment tool and whiteboard
  • Record meetings (video included)
  • Free mobile applications
  • Share the presenter function

And these others …

  • Plan meetings from outlook
  • Remote control of the other assistant’s desk
  • Meetings protected by password
  • Integrated chat
  • Compatible with PC, MAC and Linux
  • 24×7 support
  • Security and reliability of CISCO in its meetings

In the following video, intuitively you can see how webex meetings work

Remarkable points of Cisco WebEx Meetings:

  •  It enables more sophisticated and productive meetings through the use of high definition videos, integrated audio and the sharing of content in real time.
  • It makes meetings more efficient by allowing documents, agendas, notes and recordings to be shared in a comfortable and accessible online meeting space.
  • It allows team members to collaborate easily from their mobile devices, through which they can make use of the bidirectional video function.
  • Applies a protection system with strict policies and access controls built into Cisco WebEx Cloud.

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